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This page contains information on the Cisco OpenH264 firefox plugin.


Cisco provides a binary version of a OpenH264 plugin for firefox. This plugin is needed for WebRTC along with other H264 decoding. This binary is released under this agreement from Cisco:

Upstream firefox versions download and install this plugin by default automatically. Due to it's binary nature, Fedora disables this automatic download.


Source for this plugin is available at under a BSD license.

Manual install of binary

mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/firefox/<yourprofile>/gmp-gmpopenh264/1.1/
cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/<yourprofile>/gmp-gmpopenh264/1.1/
unzip ~/

Firefox config changes

Type about:config into the Firefox address/URL field and accept the warning.

From the Search field type in 264 and a handful of options will appear. Give the following Preference Names a value of true by double-clicking on false:

  • Restart Firefox

Enabling Firefox Hello icon in Customize dialog

By default, the Firefox Hello icon does not show up in the Customize dialog. To make it appear go back into about:config and search for loop and change the following Preference name to false:

  • Restart Firefox

[Not sure if Firefox Hello actually works yet]