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We have an OpenID provider running named FAS-OpenID.

When trying to log on to an OpenID enabled site, give
as URL. Example, if your FAS login is JohnDoe, you would enter If you are not logged in to FAS at this stage, you will be first taken to the FAS-OpenID login page. On the first login from the external site, you will be taken to and asked to approve the OpenID request.


Screenshots are here.


OpenID should work for all websites accepting OpenID login. We are looking for feedback and developers to improve the code. Please leave comments on the Discussion tab. We've also got a list of tested sites you might like to check out in there!



git clone ssh://


FAS-OpenID was written by User:puiterwijk A good place to start is trying to understand the OpenID spec


OpenID was first [discussed] at the 2006 FedoraSummit.

The OpenID implementation was completely rewritten from scratch in 2013.


Many thanks to User:Ricky for his explanations on IRC.