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OpenStack Design Summit and Conference


Hyatt Regency Hotel, 5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA. OpenStack Summit: April 16-18, 2012 OpenStac Conference: April 19-20, 2012

Event Description

The OpenStack Design Summit and Conference is an week-long event held twice-yearly (at the beginning of each release cycle) and is a combination of two events:

  • Design Summit - invite-only for developers/contributors to the OpenStack project; this portion will be April 16-18. During these days, contributors map out their plans for the next release.
  • Conference - anyone can attend, geared towards users/developers/IT types, typical planned-session conference.

Given that OpenStack has been a feature in both Fedora 16 and 17, and there are a number of folks working to ensure that Fedora is a working platform for OpenStack, it is a logical place for us to have a small presence to raise awareness about the project being in Fedora.

Event Owners

Robyn Bergeron

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule

The Summit portion of this event is April 16-18; the Conference portion is April 19-20. We will likely focus on booth staffing on April 19/20.

The schedule is not entirely set yet, but here are the basics of what is known thus far (as of March 21):

  • Fedora will have a shared .org booth with folks from Debian, Wikimedia, and Open Compute Foundation.
  • Booth space will be available to use *all week long*, though it is not mandatory that we staff it the entire week.
  • Having folks available during the prime booth time of "during the Conference" is the most important; that is, on April 19/20. It is expected that booth traffic will be very low during the Summit part of the event.
  • There are a number of folks from the team working on OpenStack in Fedora who will be present for the Summit and Conference, and thus there will be plenty of folks able to help staff the booth at various times. We will have two seats at the booth.


  • Robyn is planning on bringing some of her large Fedora stickers, as well as a limited amount of F16 media (probably 100-150 pieces).
  • Collateral (flyers, printed sheets, or card-style) on some or all of the following would be awesome:
  • Fedora Users BoF? Anyone, anyone?

Important Deadlines

Event dates are April 16-20; any collateral created or any swag would need to be in the hands of either Robyn Bergeron (for Conference portion) or $unnamedpersonattendingSummit (specific human not yet determined) by Friday, April 13, 2012.

Event Budget

Budget may be needed for any event-specific collateral, but none is needed for travel budget.

Estimated budget for printed materials: $250 (aiming high)

Travel Subsidy Requests

No travel subsidies are needed at this time.

Event Report

Event Report
Please use this section to document and report about the event. Nice things to see in this section are blog posts about the event, pictures from the event, and anything else that might be valuable to showing the success of our participation in the event. If there were any "lessons learned" or problems that others might benefit from seeing please do include those here too. Some general information about report expectations can be found on the Event Reports page.