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Open Video Contest

Creative Commons and the Fedora Project are pleased to announce the Open Video Contest taking place now. The contest promotes flexible copyright, open media formats and the Fedora Project.


  • Open Video Contest submission period is now closed. Thank for your participations and we'll announce the winner after the voting period is over.
  • The official announcement for Open Video Contest is now available

Rules and Prizes

How to Submit for the Contest

Required Information

1) Use <a href=""></a> in the Recipient Address.
2) Use <b>Open Video Contest - Firstname Lastname</b> in the Subject.
3) Include your Ogg Theora video in your email as an attachment.

* First Name :
* Last Name :
* Email Address :
* Phone Number :
* Date of Birth :
* Street Address :
* City :
* State/Region :
* Zip/Postal Code :
* Country :
* Title of Video :
* Length of Video :
* Size of Video :
* Description of Video :

Ogg Theora Resources