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This tables serves for tracking the count of Python 3 porting related badges.

Adds your name and links to Bugzillas where you've provided the patch or introduced the necesary changes, together with link to portingdb to ensure the package is green.

  • For the first "greened" package, you'll receive the Parselmouth I badge (unless you already have it).
  • For the first 5 "greened" packages, you'll receive the Parselmouth II badge.
  • For the first 10 "greened" packages, you'll receive the Parselmouth III badge.

Sometimes "we" will add you to the list as soon as the package goes green on portingdb, but "we" don't promise to do this perfectly, or to keep doing that forever :)

If you have any questions, ask on IRC (#fedora-python on Freenode) or on the python-devel mailing list.

User Packages Count Last badge awarded
Adam Miller python-virtkey (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Adam Williamson fedfind (BZ, portingdb)
withlock (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Alan Liddell python-zope-proxy (BZ, portingdb) 1 We don't know your Fedora username! To claim the badge, edit this page and link your name to your wiki page.
Alec Leamas python-xlwt (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Alexandre Moine adonthell (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Andrea Veri python-cmdln (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Ankur Sinha python-pykalman (BZ, portingdb)
python-rosinstall_generator (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Antonio Trande preprocess (BZ, portingdb)
python-testify (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Ariel O. Barria python-grapefruit (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Artem Goncharov pydf (commit, portingdb)
python-tw2-jquery (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Athmane Madjoudj pyftpdlib (BZ, portingdb)
python-pefile (commit, portingdb)
python-sysv_ipc (BZ, portingdb)
3 I
Athos Coimbra Ribeiro python-flask-debugtoolbar (BZ, portingdb)
python-flask-principal (BZ, portingdb)
python-fontMath (BZ, portingdb)
3 I
Ben Boeckel khard (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Ben Rosser python-pdfminer (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Björn Esser python-ngram (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Bohuslav Kabrda python-django-countries (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Bojan Smojver pypolicyd-spf (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Brian C. Lane livecd-tools (commit, portingdb) 1 I
CAI Qian python-ladon (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Chandan Kumar python-glanceclient (commit, portingdb) 1 We don't know your Fedora username! To claim the badge, edit this page and link your name to your wiki page.
Charalampos Stratakis 389-ds-base (commit, portingdb)
iotop (BZ, portingdb)
py-radix (BZ, portingdb)
python-bottle-sqlite (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-keyedcache (commit, portingdb)
python-fabulous (commit, portingdb)
python-neutronclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-concurrency (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-context (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-log (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-reports (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-serialization (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-utils (BZ, portingdb)
python-osprofiler (BZ, portingdb)
python-peewee (BZ, portingdb)
python-restsh (BZ, portingdb)
python-saharaclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-shapely (BZ, portingdb)
python-shove (BZ, portingdb)
python-utmp (commit, portingdb)
python-warlock (BZ, portingdb)
python-wtf-peewee (BZ, portingdb)
22 III
Christian Heimes custodia (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Christian Krause pyaudio (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Cole Robinson python-bugzilla (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Cédric OLIVIER python-django-tastypie (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Dan Callaghan lcm (BZ, portingdb)
python-fastimport (commit, portingdb)
python-requests-kerberos (BZ, portingdb)
3 I
Dan Horák python-proteus (commit, portingdb)
python-pycha (commit, portingdb)
python-relatorio (BZ, portingdb)
python-vatnumber (BZ, portingdb)
trytond (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-be (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-de-skr03 (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-invoice (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-invoice-history (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-invoice-line-standalone (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-product (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-statement (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-stock-anglo-saxon (commit, portingdb)
trytond-account-stock-continental (commit, portingdb)
trytond-analytic-account (commit, portingdb)
trytond-analytic-invoice (commit, portingdb)
trytond-analytic-purchase (commit, portingdb)
trytond-analytic-sale (commit, portingdb)
trytond-company-work-time (commit, portingdb)
trytond-country (commit, portingdb)
trytond-currency (commit, portingdb)
trytond-dashboard (commit, portingdb)
trytond-google-maps (commit, portingdb)
trytond-ldap-authentication (commit, portingdb)
trytond-party (commit, portingdb)
trytond-party-siret (commit, portingdb)
trytond-product (commit, portingdb)
trytond-product-cost-fifo (commit, portingdb)
trytond-product-cost-history (commit, portingdb)
trytond-product-price-list (commit, portingdb)
trytond-project (commit, portingdb)
trytond-project-plan (commit, portingdb)
trytond-project-revenue (commit, portingdb)
trytond-purchase (commit, portingdb)
trytond-purchase-invoice-line-standalone (commit, portingdb)
trytond-sale (commit, portingdb)
trytond-sale-opportunity (commit, portingdb)
trytond-sale-price-list (commit, portingdb)
trytond-stock (commit, portingdb)
trytond-stock-forecast (commit, portingdb)
trytond-stock-inventory-location (commit, portingdb)
trytond-stock-location-sequence (commit, portingdb)
trytond-stock-product-location (commit, portingdb)
trytond-stock-supply (commit, portingdb)
trytond-stock-supply-day (commit, portingdb)
trytond-timesheet (commit, portingdb)
47 III
Dave Malcolm python-xdot (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Dmitry Vasilets python-cinderclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-taskflow (BZ, portingdb)
2 We don't know your Fedora username! To claim the badge, edit this page and link your name to your wiki page.
Dominic Hopf meld (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski lazygal (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Dominika Krejčí barman (BZ, portingdb)
coccinelle (BZ, portingdb)
pyephem (BZ, portingdb)
python-Levenshtein (BZ, portingdb)
python-altgraph (BZ, portingdb)
python-cloud-sptheme (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-ckeditor (commit, portingdb)
python-django-setuptest (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-tables2 (BZ, portingdb)
python-flask-classy (BZ, portingdb)
python-flickrapi (commit, portingdb)
python-fsmonitor (BZ, portingdb)
python-gntp (BZ, portingdb)
python-iptables (BZ, portingdb)
python-libcloud (BZ, portingdb)
python-myhdl (BZ, portingdb)
python-pylibmc (BZ, portingdb)
python-pymod2pkg (BZ, portingdb)
python-pyotp (BZ, portingdb)
python-pyramid-mako (BZ, portingdb)
python-rfc3986 (BZ, portingdb)
python-sendgrid (commit, portingdb)
python-setuptools_git (BZ, portingdb)
python-setuptools_hg (BZ, portingdb)
python-signalfd (commit, portingdb)
python-termcolor (BZ, portingdb)
python-texttable (BZ, portingdb)
python-tgscheduler (BZ, portingdb)
python-tpg (BZ, portingdb)
python-w3lib (BZ, portingdb)
python-walkdir (BZ, portingdb)
31 III
Douglas Schilling Landgraf imgbased (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Edouard Bourguignon glances (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Elliott Sales de Andrade gdal (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Fabian Affolter lshell (BZ, portingdb)
pysubnettree (commit, portingdb)
python-upoints (commit, portingdb)
3 I
Fabio Alessandro Locati python-praw (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Gris Ge libstoragemgmt (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Gwyn Ciesla Io-language (BZ, portingdb)
frescobaldi (commit, portingdb)
pitivi (commit, portingdb)
portmidi (commit, portingdb)
python-ly (BZ, portingdb)
python-svg (commit, portingdb)
6 II
Haïkel Guémar python-barbicanclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-cinderclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-congressclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-designateclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-frozen-flask (commit, portingdb)
python-glanceclient (commit, portingdb)
python-heatclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-ironicclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-jmespath (BZ, portingdb)
python-keystonemiddleware (BZ, portingdb)
python-manilaclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-novaclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-concurrency (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-middleware (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-policy (BZ, portingdb)
python-py2pack (BZ, portingdb)
python-pycadf (BZ, portingdb)
python-pymod2pkg (BZ, portingdb)
python-pysaml2 (BZ, portingdb)
python-ryu (BZ, portingdb)
python-scss (BZ, portingdb)
python-semantic_version (BZ, portingdb)
python-troveclient (BZ, portingdb)
python-zaqarclient (BZ, portingdb)
24 III
Hedayat Vatankhah starcal (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Igor Gnatenko dnf-plugins-extras (commit, portingdb)
python-concurrentloghandler (commit, portingdb)
python-moss (BZ, portingdb)
python-rows (commit, portingdb)
pythonqt (commit, portingdb)
rpm (commit, portingdb)
scanmem (commit, portingdb)
7 II
Iryna Shcherbina gerrymander (commit, portingdb)
libcec (commit, portingdb)
marisa (commit, portingdb)
pychess (commit, portingdb)
python-jira (commit, portingdb)
python-junitxml (commit, portingdb)
python-okaara (commit, portingdb)
python-os-testr (commit, portingdb)
python-proliantutils (commit, portingdb)
python-sprox (commit, portingdb)
10 III
Jakub Jedelsky py3status (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Jakub Kadlčík tracer (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Jakub Ruzicka python-ceilometerclient (commit, portingdb) 1 I
James Hogarth glances (commit, portingdb)
python-certbot-apache (commit, portingdb)
2 I
Jan Beran maildirproc (commit, portingdb)
odfpy (commit, portingdb)
pybox2d (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Angular-Bootstrap (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Angular-Gettext (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Angular-Mock (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Angular-lrdragndrop (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Bootstrap-Datepicker (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Bootstrap-SCSS (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-D3 (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Font-Awesome (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Hogan (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-JQuery-Migrate (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-JQuery-TableSorter (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-JQuery-quicksearch (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-JSEncrypt (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Jasmine (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-QUnit (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Rickshaw (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Spin (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-jQuery (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-jquery-ui (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-smart-table (commit, portingdb)
python-XStatic-termjs (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-admin-honeypot (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-annoying (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-authority (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-avatar (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-extensions (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-haystack (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-helpdesk (commit, portingdb)
python-django-openid-auth (commit, portingdb)
python-django-pipeline (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-pylibmc (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-pyscss (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-registration (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-robots (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-select2 (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-stopforumspam (commit, portingdb)
python-django-threadedcomments (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-tinymce (BZ, portingdb)
python-instant (BZ, portingdb)
python-landslide (commit, portingdb)
python-openstack-nose-plugin (commit, portingdb)
python-pyspf (BZ, portingdb)
python-scrapy (commit, portingdb)
python-sqlobject (commit, portingdb)
python-websockify (BZ, portingdb)
trash-cli (commit, portingdb)
49 III
Jan Pokorný clufter (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Javier Peña python-os-brick (BZ, portingdb)
python-oslo-privsep (commit, portingdb)
python-oslo-service (BZ, portingdb)
python-tosca-parser (commit, portingdb)
4 I
Jay Grekuske python-multilib (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Jens Petersen translate-toolkit (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Jiří Popelka mnemosyne (commit, portingdb)
pdc-client (commit, portingdb)
pyppd (BZ, portingdb)
3 I
John Dulaney python-networkmanager (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Jos de Kloe pygrib (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Julien Enselme gdal (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Kalev Lember d-feet (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Kevin Fenzi python-cssutils (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Kushal Das python-retask (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Leigh Scott cinnamon-screensaver (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Lionel Cons python-simplevisor (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Lorenzo Dalrio pg_view (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Lorenzo Gil Sanchez python-glue (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Lumír Balhar FlightCrew (BZ, portingdb)
binclock (BZ, portingdb)
git-review (BZ, portingdb)
pycolumnize (BZ, portingdb)
pyliblo (BZ, portingdb)
python-cassandra-driver (commit, portingdb)
python-django-tinymce (BZ, portingdb)
python-epdb (BZ, portingdb)
python-flask-classy (BZ, portingdb)
python-geoip2 (BZ, portingdb)
python-gerritlib (BZ, portingdb)
python-py9p (commit, portingdb)
python-txws (BZ, portingdb)
python-txzmq (BZ, portingdb)
python-virtualenvwrapper (BZ, portingdb)
pytrailer (BZ, portingdb)
16 III
Major Hayden python-xhtml2pdf (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Mamoru TASAKA catfish (commit, portingdb)
gprof2dot (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Marcin Zajaczkowski pylibacl (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Marcus Karlsson PyXB (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Mark Reynolds python-lib389 (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Martin Gieseking cxxtest (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Matthias Runge python-XStatic-Angular (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Bootstrap-SCSS (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-D3 (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-Magic-Search (BZ, portingdb)
python-XStatic-termjs (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-debug-toolbar (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-nose (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-notification (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-openstack-auth (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-reversion (commit, portingdb)
10 III
Merlin Mathesius python-aexpect (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Michael Hampton docker-compose (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Michael Mraka dnf-plugin-spacewalk (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Michal Cyprián python-afl (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Michal Schmidt python-nbxmpp (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Michele Baldessari khal (BZ, portingdb)
vdirsyncer (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Miro Hrončok cloud-init (BZ, portingdb)
esptool (commit, portingdb)
fs-utils (BZ, portingdb)
glib2 (commit, portingdb)
heat-cfntools (BZ, portingdb)
newt (BZ, portingdb)
python-chardet (commit, portingdb)
python-dmidecode (commit, portingdb)
python-meh (BZ, portingdb)
python-pyldap (BZ, portingdb)
python-yubico (BZ, portingdb)
python3-cherrypy (BZ, portingdb)
12 III
Miroslav Suchý copr-cli (commit, portingdb)
rhnlib (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Mukundan Ragavan python-nbconvert (commit, portingdb)
python-qtconsole (commit, portingdb)
2 I
Ngo Than cantor (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Nils Philippsen python-meld3 (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Orion Poplawski fail2ban (BZ, portingdb)
openmpi (commit, portingdb)
protobuf (commit, portingdb)
python-xlib (commit, portingdb)
4 I
Parag Nemade fontdump (BZ, portingdb)
fontforge (BZ, portingdb)
fonts-tweak-tool (BZ, portingdb)
3 I
Paul Belanger python-shade (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Paul Whalen pyjokes (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Paul Wouters python-xml2rfc (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Paulo Andrade python-flask-babel (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Pavel Raiskup PyGreSQL (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Peter Lemenkov fvwm (commit, portingdb)
python-pyrad (commit, portingdb)
2 I
Peter Robinson python-alsaaudio (commit, portingdb)
xapian-bindings (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Petr Viktorin libldb (BZ, portingdb)
libtevent (BZ, portingdb)
pyaudio (BZ, portingdb)
pyftpdlib (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-reversion (BZ, portingdb)
python-django-tastypie (BZ, portingdb)
python-numexpr (BZ, portingdb)
pywebdav (BZ, portingdb)
8 II
Petri Ylitalo python-zope-filerepresentation (BZ, portingdb)
python-zope-processlifetime (BZ, portingdb)
2 We don't know your Fedora username! To claim the badge, edit this page and link your name to your wiki page.
Philip Worrall tweepy (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Pierre-YvesChibon python-trollius-redis (BZ, portingdb)
python-vobject (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Piotr Popieluch python-whisper (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Pradeep Kilambi python-cotyledon (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Ralph Bean createrepo_c (commit, portingdb)
notmuch (BZ, portingdb)
python-modernize (BZ, portingdb)
python-socketpool (BZ, portingdb)
python-tw2-jquery (commit, portingdb)
python-zope-contenttype (BZ, portingdb)
python-zope-datetime (BZ, portingdb)
python-zope-dottedname (BZ, portingdb)
python-zope-i18n (BZ, portingdb)
python-zope-sequencesort (BZ, portingdb)
python-zope-structuredtext (BZ, portingdb)
11 III
Randy Barlow python-paste-script (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Raphael Groner krop (BZ, portingdb)
python-javaobj (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Rex Dieter eric (commit, portingdb)
konversation (commit, portingdb)
2 I
Ricardo Cordeiro python-novaclient-os-networks (commit, portingdb)
python-novaclient-os-virtual-interfaces (commit, portingdb)
2 We don't know your Fedora username! To claim the badge, edit this page and link your name to your wiki page.
Rich Mattes flann (BZ, portingdb)
libfreenect (commit, portingdb)
2 I
Richard W.M. Jones hivex (commit, portingdb)
nbdkit (commit, portingdb)
2 I
Robert Mayr onionshare (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Ruben Kerkhof collectd (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Sandro Mani cdbs (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Sarantis Paskalis python-simpy (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Sergio Monteiro Basto opencv (BZ, portingdb)
python-bitarray (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Sergio Pascual python-scikit-image (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Steve Milner python-pygments (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Sundeep Anand python-importanize (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Susi Lehtola psi4 (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Terje Røsten hgsvn (commit, portingdb)
pssh (BZ, portingdb)
python-acoustid (BZ, portingdb)
python-tidy (commit, portingdb)
4 I
Thomas Moschny botan (BZ, portingdb)
python-simpletal (BZ, portingdb)
2 I
Tim Bielawa python-bitmath (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Tim Jackson rpl (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Tomas Jelinek pcs (BZ, portingdb) 1 I
Tomáš Orsava coccinelle (BZ, portingdb)
lcm (BZ, portingdb)
python-mpd (BZ, portingdb)
python-shove (BZ, portingdb)
python-tlslite (BZ, portingdb)
5 II
Tony Asleson targetd (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Toshio Kuratiomi ansible (commit, portingdb)
python-repoze-tm2 (commit, portingdb)
2 I
Ville Skyttä glib2 (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Vitezslav Crhonek openwsman (commit, portingdb) 1 I
Wolfgang Ulbrich ccsm (commit, portingdb)
compizconfig-python (commit, portingdb)
fusion-icon (commit, portingdb)
simple-ccsm (commit, portingdb)
4 I
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek python-flask-xml-rpc (commit, portingdb)
python-numexpr (commit, portingdb)
2 I