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Fedora Events: Open Source Days 2010 - Copenhagen, Denmark

The Open Source Days 2010 are the largest general Linux/BSD/Open Source conference in Denmark. They started in 1998 with Linux98, continued with LinuxForum - and in 2008 renamed the successful conference to Open Source Days. The conference is very popular and with about 1000 visitors one of the largest open IT-conferences in the Nordic region.

At Open Source Days the mix of the IT industry and the community is rather unique. Open Source Days offers Exhibitor booths to open minded companies. The booths can be used to promote open source products, attract new customers and employees, demo software, sell merchandise or simply give away the entire stock of goodies.

Open Source Days 2010 is the 12th open source conference in a row held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Keywords for the conference are low budget and high quality spanning two days in March 2010.

When and Where



We should have 2-3 Ambassadors to have always at least one Ambassador on the Booth.

Fedora got in total three tickets for both days for the booth personal, two of them are actually assigned. If somebody from Fedora still needs a ticket for Friday and/or Saturday, please contact the event owner.


We can expect from the organizer:

  • Space for the booth
  • Table & Chairs
  • Electrical Power
  • Wireless Internet access

What we bring:


  • Booth has been confirmed by the coordination team
  • Tickets for booth personal arrived and were forwarded
  • Event took successfully place, see sections below