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General Information

I am linux user since 1995. Since then I have tried many distributions (Redhat, Debian, Slackware, Owl, Root, Mandriva, etc).
Currently I have in my office two linux servers with Fedora 12 and Debian and i am responsible for security and maintenance of one local area network of two hundred computers. I have experience in assembly, installation and configuration of servers with Linux platforms for commercial, private or governmental use.
I am passionate about security and hacking. I spend time reading texts scattered throughout the network about cryptography, hashing, data hiding, steganography, and so on.
I am also a musician, amateur tennis player, husband and father.
My goal is: Promote the use of Linux Fedora in local government, demonstrating the reliability and stability for server tasks, showing it safe, versatile and easy to maintain with basic skills. Encourage Windows users to interact with Linux as an alternative OS showing the alternatives to programs used daily at work or at home.

About Me

  • NetSys Admin
  • Linux Admin


Activities within Fedora

Activities related to Free Software

  • Staff Training Government Public Administration on the use of open source applications.
  • Talk of "Information Security" in the Government Public Administration.
  • Participation in the Network Migration in the province of government.
  • Member of USLA (Usuarios Software Libre Argentina) USLA
  • Member of Espacio Linux (Portal y comunidad GNU/Linux en español) Espacio Linux
  • Member of Proyecto Fedora Argentina Argentina