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Date Status report
2009-03-17 Sent email to PackageKit maintainer asking to set up interview. Will try for print and audio interviews. Next action: Get answers to print questions. Remember NOT to assume the audience already knows about the feature from last release!

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Print interview

I recently caught up with PackageKit maintainer Richard Hughes (*ahem*, needs a page facelift!) and asked him to talk a little about PackageKit -- how it came about, how it's been extended for the Fedora 11 release, and what's coming next.

  1. What made you write PackageKit? What need were you trying to fill?
  2. PackageKit was first introduced late in Fedora 9, and replaced the old "Pirut" tool. There were inevitably some complaints. What happened during that cycle and in the Fedora 10 release to change minds?
  3. What new goodies can users expect from PackageKit in Fedora 11?
  4. Do you have any plans for Fedora 12 and beyond?
  5. PackageKit's intended to be a cross-distribution solution, so users have a smooth experience regardless of their distro of choice. How is the uptake in other distributions on PackageKit? Are distros including it, and using it as a default?
  6. Are there alternatives out there for providing some of these new PackageKit features?
  7. What do you do when you're not hammering away on package management front ends?

Audio interview