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= Special Interest Groups =
SIGs (special interest groups) at Fedora is a relatively new and experimental concept. Among the goals is to gather competence (probably even authority) and interest, to collect and propose specific packaging guidelines and policies, to create something like work groups inside the Fedora Project which are in charge of specific areas of interest.
=== General: ===
[[Extras/SIGs/Comps| Comps]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/Games|  Games]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/GNOME| GNOME]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/KDE| KDE]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/Laptop| Laptop]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/Mono| Mono]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/MediaProduction| Music and Media Production]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/Perl| Perl]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/PHP| PHP]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/Python| Python]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/QA| QA]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/Ruby| Ruby]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/SciTech|  Scientific and Technical]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/ServerTools|  Server Tools]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/VoIP|  VoIP]] <BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/Embedded|  Embedded Systems Development]] <BR>
=== Arch specific: ===
[[Extras/SIGs/x86-64|  x86-64]]  (sometimes also named x64, AMD64, EM64T, x86_64, ia32e)<BR>
[[Extras/SIGs/ppc|  PPC/PPC64 ]] <BR>

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