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Unknown Horizons

Unknown Horizons (UH) is a 2D realtime strategy simulation game with an emphasis on economy and city building. Expand your small settlement to a strong and wealthy colony; collect taxes and supply your inhabitants with valuable goods; increase your power with a well balanced economy and with strategic trading and diplomacy.

The current release of Unknown Horizons is: 2012.1

Dependency Tree

Build Dependencies

  • desktop-file-utils
  • docbook-style-xsl
  • fife-devel >= 0.3.3r3
  • hicolor-icon-theme // directory ownage
  • intltool
  • libxslt-devel
  • pkgconfig
  • python-devel
  • python-distutils-extra
  • xz

Runtime Dependencies

  • hicolor-icon-theme - To use high resolution SVG icons for application instead of deprecated /usr/share/pixmaps non scalable icons
  • linux-libertine-fonts - LinLibertine Fonts
  • PyYAML
  • python-enet - Python bindings for ENet (libenet)
    • libenet
  • python-fife - FIFE Game Engine
  • cjkuni-uming-fonts - UMing TTF fonts

Current Tasks

Bugzilla entries
The currently closed bugzilla entries, should be opened once a few minor details are sorted and respective packages are updated to current versions for review.
  • package libenet - Already in Fedora
  • package python-enet - BZ744432
  • package fife - Already in Fedora/Rawhide
  • package Unknown Horizons - BZ718430

Proposed Package Layout (UH)

  • unknown-horizons (%_arch) - Arch dependent client files;
  • unknown-horizons-common (noarch) - Arch independent files (game contents, etc);
  • unknown-horizons-lang (noarch) - Language files;
  • unknown-horizons-devel (%_arch) - Development files (not required currently);