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Guidelines for cmake

More and more projects are moving to cmake, especially with KDE4 making the jump. It seems like it is time to start collecting cmake best practices for generating Fedora RPMS using cmake

RPM Macros

If cmake is installed, see /etc/rpm/macros.cmake

If kde-filesystem is installed, see /etc/rpm/macros.kde4

Specfile Usage

%cmake .
make %{?_smp_mflags}




NOTE: -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH:BOOL=ON. With recent cmake-2.4, it should not be used. This cmake version should hand RPATHs issues correctly (set them in build-dir, remove them during installation). Setting CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH for this version would avoid RPATHs in build-dir too. This might link binaries against system-libraries (e.g. when a previous version of the package was installed) instead of the libraries which were created by the build.

Nevertheless, RPATH issues might arise when cmake was used improperly. E.g. installing a target with INSTALL(FILES ... RENAME ...) will not strip rpaths; in this case INSTALL(TARGETS ...) must be used in combination with changing the OUTPUT_NAME property.

NOTE: cmake has good documentation in two places: