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Modules and include files

This has been merged. See Packaging:Fortran

Packaging of Fortran programs

This has been merged. See Packaging:Fortran

Required changes

Needs to be done
This portion is not guideline material. Jussi, can you take care of this?

Packages that contain modules in the wrong place must be found and fixed (e.g. find all packages that BR: gcc-gfortran and contain '.mod' files).

The module files depend on the used compiler version and the architecture. The versioning should not matter, as mass rebuilds are done anyway whenever GCC is updated to a newer version. It is important, however, if there are multiple Fortran compilers present on the system.

  • If it is decided to keep using an unversioned, multilib compatible %{_fmoddir}, the gcc-gfortran package must be changed to own %{_fmoddir} and all package containing modules must Requires: gcc-gfortran.
  • If it is decided to use a GCC-versioned %{_fmoddir}, the preexisting %{_fmoddir} macro in redhat-rpm-macros must be changed from %{_libdir}/gfortran/modules to /usr/lib/gcc/<target>/<version>/finclude which is already used and owned by gfortran. After that a mass rebuild of all packages containing Fortran modules must be performed.