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I would like to propose naming guidelines for adding language translation packages for any package. I see few packages are not following package naming by using language code only.

The current inconsistencies I found are for packages

kde-l10n-* uses language names and in some subpackages language aliases like British, Brazil, Farsi, LowSaxon which are not real language names.

tesseract-langpack-* uses some own defined 3 letter language codes. I reported bug to rename them but virtual provides added by its maintainer.

childsplay-alphabet_sounds_* this uses language code correctly but it should end with -<langcode> and not with _<langcode>

So the proposal is

When adding language translations package name should end with that language code for that language.
These language codes must be valid and used from /usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_639_3.xml or from /usr/share/i18n/locales. 
If someone want to use language name for these packages they can use virtual provides but real package name should include only language code. 
The real package name should be <pkgname>-<langcode>