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Proposed Changes to PHP Guidelines


This page describes items that need to be changed in the PHP Guidelines or other items that need to be reviewed or ratified by the Fedora Packaging Comittee and FESCo .

Actual Guidelines

Requires and Provides

nothing about apache requirement

Change proposal

Requires and Provides

Apache requirement

A PHP library must not require php or httpd as is could be used with any webserver or any SAPI (php-cli, php-cgi, php-fpm, ...).

Only a PHP web application, which provide httpd configuration, should requires httpd and mod_php.

PHP extensions should require all the used extensions (php-date, php-gd, php-mbstring, ...) which are virtual provide of php sub-packages.

To specify a minimum PHP version, current practice is to require php-common (not available for EPEL-5 with php53). Recommended require is php(language) which is now available in fedora packages (not yet in RHEL)