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Vagrant plugins are esentially RubyGems and most of the RubyGems guidelines apply to them. This guide discusses only specifics in which Vagrant plugins differ.

Ruby Compatibility

Each Vagrant plugin package must indicate it depends on a Ruby interpreter. Use ruby(release) virtual requirement to achieve that:

Requires: ruby(release)

If the package requires Ruby of certain version(s), make the requirement versioned like this:

Requires: ruby(release) >= 1.9.1

Naming Guidelines

  • Plugins should follow upstream name that usually starts with vagrant-.


Vagrant plugins must be installed to certain standard locations. The vagrant package contains usuful macros that should be used to achieve that.

Macro Expanded path Usage
From vagrant; intended for Vagrant plugin packages.
%{vagrant_dir} %{_datadir}/vagrant Vagrant installation directory.
%{vagrant_plugin_conf_dir} %{_sharedstatedir}/vagrant Plugin configuration files.
%{vagrant_plugin_conf} %{vagrant_plugin_conf_dir}/plugins.json Configuration file for system-wide plugins.
%{vagrant_plugin_dir} %{vagrant_dir}/gems Common locations for Vagrant plugin gems.
%{vagrant_plugin_instdir} %{vagrant_plugin_dir}/gems/%{vagrant_plugin_name}-%{version} Directory with the actual content of the plugin.
%{vagrant_plugin_libdir} %{vagrant_plugin_instdir}/lib The lib folder of the plugin.
%{vagrant_plugin_cache} %{vagrant_plugin_dir}/cache/%{vagrant_plugin_name}-%{version}.gem The cached plugin.
%{vagrant_plugin_spec} %{vagrant_plugin_dir}/specifications/%{vagrant_plugin_name}-%{version}.gemspec The plugin's specification file.
%{vagrant_plugin_docdir} %{vagrant_plugin_dir}/doc/%{vagrant_plugin_name}-%{version} The rdoc documentation of the plugin.
%{vagrant_plugin_extdir} %{_libdir}/vagrant/gems/ruby/%{vagrant_plugin_name}-%{version} The directory for MRI Ruby plugin extensions. Currently unused.