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= Patrik Cevela =
#REDIRECT [[User:Phoenix177]]
my name is Patrik Cevela, I am from Slovakia.
I am participate in Translation Team and Marketing team.
My hobbies are copmuters and sci-fi movies and serial. Also I am an forum Administrator in
scifi portal
If you have any question for me, I shall be happy to answer you on IRC channels on
== Review ==
* '''Name''': Patrik Cevela
* '''Age''': 17
* '''Current Residence''': Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
* '''Member of''': Slovak Translation Team, Fedora Marketing Team
* '''Familiar With''': HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, delphi
* '''User''': Fedora 9, Windows Vista Ultimate ;)
== Contact ==
* '''Email''': [[MailTo(patrik DOT cevela AT gmail DOT com)] 
* '''IRC''': nick phoenix177  on - channels #fedora-cs and #fedora-l10n
* '''Fedora Account''': Phoenix177
== Activities within Fedora ==
* I am participate in Translation Team because Fedora without good localization hasn't got a chance to fascinate lots of people.
* I am also participate in Marketing Team. I want to create webshop with Fedora T-Shirts for Slovak and Czech fans, buyer, ordinary people :)

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