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Paulo Santos

Email: [[MailTo(paulo DOT banon AT SPAMFREE googlemail DOT com)]
Irc: paulobanon (Freenode) / Hex (PTnet)


I'm 27 years old and i'm Portuguese.

Currently, I work as a System / Web Administrator, on the wonderfull game industry world (Blizzard Entertainement Europe). I'm also an SCSA - Solaris 9, and and one of my future goals is the RHCE certification.

I am helping the fedora-infrastructure team to promote fedora and help the project move forward.

Current Projects

Web services/architecture audit

Completed Projects

  • Wiki Upgrade (performed by MikeMcgrath)
  • Web architecture caching and stress test (PauloSantos and AhmedKamal)
  • IndexAdmin page in


  • computers
  • networking
  • security
  • Linux
  • ...

More information, as soon as i have some time to write it.