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Perl for Server Spin/SIG

Goal: have a list of main Perl modules needed on production server.

Good candidates: It should be small group, which should be part of Server from ServerSIG. These aim is take more care about them and watch growth of requirements of these packages.


Minimal installation

(modules without their dependencies)

package what does it do comments
perl-Archive-Tar an interface to TAR archive files
perl-Archive-Zip an interface to ZIP archive files
perl-CGI-Session persistent session data in CGI applications
perl-CGI simply CGI
perl-core main perl (interpreter and core modules)
perl-Crypt-SSLeay OpenSSL support for LWP (libwww-perl)
perl-DBD-MySQL database driver
perl-DBD-Pg database driver
perl-DBD-SQLite database driver
perl-DBI database independent interface
perl-DBIx-Simple OO interface to database
perl-LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
perl-libguestfs it's sub-package of libguestfs incorrectly sub-packaged
perl-libwww-perl Library for WWW in Perl - accessing data on web
perl-libxml-perl no ratings, 6 years without new release, few dependencies remove?
perl-Mozilla-LDAP could be removed? last release in 1999, no rating
perl-Net-DNS-Nameserver interface for DNS nameserver
perl-Net-DNS interface to DNS resolver
perl-Task-Weaken test whether XS support is in use, otherwise print warning
perl-URI Uniform Resource Identifiers
perl-XML-LibXML Perl Binding for libxml2 must for perl-XML-SAX
perl-XML-LibXSLT Interface to the gnome libxslt library dependency of Publican
perl-XML-SAX Simple API for XML must for perl-XML-LibXML
perl-YAML generic data serialization language

Catalyst, CGI,...

package what does it do comments
perl-Task-Catalyst install all Catalyst modules choose only some Catalyst::
Catalyst::EngineHTTP::Prefork add?
Catalyst::Engine::PSGI add?
perl-CGI Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
perl-FCGI FastCGI Perl bindings
perl-FCCI-ProcManager A FastCGI process manager
perl-JSON converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice versa
perl-JSON-XS converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice versa

CPAN enablement

(is it needed on production server?)

perl-local-lib create local path for installation from cpan
perl-App-perlbrew help switch between perl releases


Plack - PSGI stack

Needed/under review