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Fedora Overview Fedora 概况

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What is Fedora? Fedora 是什么?

An operating system, a set of projects, and a mindset.


What is Fedora? Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project is open and anyone is welcome to join. The Fedora Project is out front for you, leading the advancement of free, open software and content.

什么是 Fedora ?Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project is open and anyone is welcome to join. The Fedora Project is out front for you, leading the advancement of free, open software and content.

The operating system is Fedora. It comes out twice a year. It's completely free, and we're committed to keeping it that way. It's the best combination of robust and latest software that exists in the free software world.

对于操作系统 Fedora ,我们承诺它将保持每年两次的更新频率,同时完全免费。它提供的软件是自由软件世界中新颖性与健壮性的最佳组合。

The mindset is doing the right thing. To us, that means providing free and open software and content, at no cost, freely usable, modifiable, redistributable, and unencumbered by software patents.

而 Fedora 的思想是 做正确的事。对于我们,这意味着提供无需付费,自由使用,可修改,可分发,不受软件专利的限制。


Core Principles 核心理念

There are a couple of fundamental principles that drives Fedora.

  • Fedora is about the rapid progress of Free and Open Source software and content.
  • Fedora believes in the statement "once free, always free".
  • Fedora 致力于自由、开源软件与相关内容的快速发展。
  • Fedora 相信格言一旦自由,永远自由

More information is available at


Freedom: Make ogg, not mp3 自由:使用 ogg ,放弃 mp3

Why is mp3 popular? Because it's better than everything else out there?

为什么 mp3 格式流行?因为它比别的格式都好吗?

No. mp3 is popular because its creators licensed it broadly to spur its adoption. Then, once it was the de facto format, they started to enforce their patents aggressively and restrictively.

不。mp3 格式之所以流行是因为它的发明者广泛地发布它来促进它的使用。而一旦他们的专利成为了事实上的格式,他们就开始把严格地控制专利的使用。

The free and open multimedia codecs such as the Ogg family of codecs are superior, and they are not patent-encumbered. Never have been, never will be. That's why we support free and open formats like Ogg Vorbis (lossy) and FLAC (lossless) for general audio and Ogg Theora for video.

自由开放的多媒体编码格式,诸如 ogg 编码家族是一个超集,他们不受专利限制。之前不会,以后也不会。这也是为什么我们支持使用有音频有损压缩编码格式 Ogg Vorbis 、音频无损压缩编码格式 FLAC 、视频编码格式 Ogg Theora ,这些的自由开放的编码格式。

For those people who insist upon using mp3, it's not difficult to figure out how to get these players. Still, we'd much rather change the world instead of going along with it.

对于坚持使用 mp3 格式的人们,获取相关的播放器并不困难。但我们仍希望改变世界原有的面貌。

Predictable Release Schedule 可预测的发行计划

Fedora has a predictable and consistent time-based release schedule. There is a new release every six months that drives incremental improvements to users at a rapid pace. With a time-based release schedule, the release itself is more important than any particular feature, thereby driving the high rate of progress in free and open source software projects by virtue of a positive feedback cycle.

Fedora 有一个被严格执行的发行计划,以每六个月一个发行版的快节奏给用户带来不间断的体验提升。通过一份基于时间的发行计划,发行版本身比任何特别的功能都会重要,

Simply Beautiful 简单即美

Fedora is well-known for its emphasis on not just functionality, but also being beautiful and attractive, with a fresh new look for every release produced by a community of talented artists. Free and beautiful software for everyone.

Fedora 之所以出名在并不光在于它强大的功能,也在于它每一个发行版都会有社区中富于天赋的艺术家所创造的与之相配的全新且美观的介面。每个人都可以享受到 Fedora 中免费和美观的软件。

Highly Secure 高度安全

Fedora is the thought and action leader in many of the latest Linux security initiatives and is a highly secure operating system. In addition to such basic features as firewall, many unique security highlights, like SELinux and Exec-shield, are enabled by default.

Fedora 在许多最新的 Linux 安全手段的想法与行动上是领先的,自然也是一个高度安全的操作系统。更重要的像防火墙这样的基本功能和 SELinux 与 Exec-shield 这样的标准安全属性都是默认启用的。

Leading Free Software 自由软件的领导者

Fedora developers actively contribute to several hundred free and open source software projects, including initiating and maintaining essential elements of Linux and free software components. These elements include the Linux kernel, glibc, GNOME, and many other core system libraries and administrative frameworks. Red Hat, the Fedora Project's sponsor, continues to invest millions of dollars not only in developing free software, but also in buying previously proprietary products and donating them to the free software and open source community-at-large.

Fedora 的开发者对在百个自由与开源软件项目(包括 Linux 的核心元素与自由软件组件)上的贡献十分活跃。这些项目包括了 Linux kernel, glibc, GNOME 和许多其他的核心系统库和架构。红帽,Fedora 项目的赞助者,持续投资数百万美元,用于支持自由软件开发,并购买专利产品将其捐赠给自由软件与开源社区。

Accessible Technology 易用性技术

Localization, internationalization and accessibility bring free software to many more users, and Fedora is proud to have a great community of developers, translators, content writers, artists and usability experts that drive free software forward. We can always use more help! Consider helping us by joining the Fedora Project.

本地化、国际化和易用性,使得更多的用户可以使用自由软件。 Fedora 对所拥有的一个由开发者、翻译人员、内容作者、艺术家和可用性专家所组成的驱动自由软件不断前进的庞大社区感到自豪。不过我们总是需要更多的帮助,请考虑加入 Fedora 项目帮助我们。

Shared Benefits 利益分享

Fedora strives to follow the development of different free software projects it includes as closely as possible, only adding its own patches where this is considered essential. The primary goal is to share the benefits of a common code base for end users and developers, while simultaneously reducing unnecessary maintenance efforts. In this way, other free and open source projects and Linux distributions directly benefit from our efforts.

Fedora 尽其可能追踪它所涵盖的自由软件项目的进展,只在认为必须的情况下加入发行版自己的补丁。主要的目标是让开发者与最终用户在减少不必要的维护的同时,能分享通用代码的利益。这样,其他开源项目与 Linux 发行版能更直接地从我们的影响中获益。

Solid Foundation 坚实的基础

Fedora nurtures open technology to create a vast pool of software with no legal encumbrances. With all these unique characteristics listed above, it is no surprise that Fedora forms the base for several dozens of major free and open source software projects including derivative distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OLPC .

Fedora Project also provides several custom variants of Fedora called Fedora spins, along with the free and open source creation tools, which allow you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to make your own customized version of Fedora.

Fedora 通过开放技术创建了一个庞大而没有法律负担的软件池。由于上述特性, Fedora 毫无疑问地成为了数个主要的自由与开源软件项目的基础。这些项目包括:像 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 这样的衍生发行版OLPC 项目

Fedora 项目也提供了数个被称为 Fedora spins 的 Fedora 定制变种。你可以通过一系列自由与开源工具来打造一个完全属于你的 Fedora 版本。

Communicate: Fedora Community 交流: Fedora 社区

Fedora Web Forums:: For end user help, use our Fedora community web forums.

Fedora 网上论坛:: 最终用户可以通过社区论坛 来获得帮助。

Fedora Mailing lists:: Fedora Project has several mailing lists for users and contributors.

Fedora 邮件列表:: Fedora 项目为用户和贡献者提供了数个邮件列表

Fedora IRC Chat Channels:: Chat and ask questions live in the Fedora IRC channels at

Fedora IRC 聊天频道:: 你可以在 服务器的 Fedora IRC 频道 里在线交流、提问。

For other ways of communicating with the Fedora community, refer to

你也可以通过其它的方式参与 Fedora 社区的交流,请参考网址。

Why Should I Help? 我为什么要帮助?

Your name in lights, an online CV, and maybe a trip to FUDCon.

你的名字将为此放光,??,同时可以是一次到 FUDCon 的旅行。

First, contribute to Fedora and get your name in the distribution. Hey, fair is fair.

首先,为 Fedora 做出贡献,你的名字就会出现在发行版中,相当的公平。

Second, if you're a Fedora contributor, you don't need a fancy resume; you can just tell potential employers to do a web search on your name.

第二,如果你是一个 Fedora 的贡献者,你不需要一份好看的简历,只需要告诉你的未来顾主到网上去搜索你的名字。

Third, top Fedora contributors receive travel stipends to attend the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) at the location closest to them. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the giants of the free and open source movement in person, as their peers and equals.

第三,顶尖的 Fedora 贡献者将获得旅行津贴就近参加在附近城市举办的 Fedora 用户与开发者大会( FUDCon )。你可以有机会与一些杰出的自由开源运动人士会面,并与他们平起平坐。

And finally, you'd be playing with this stuff anyway. Spend your time doing stuff that you enjoy while helping other users in the community. Spread free software. What more incentive do you need? Join us .

最后,你还可以享受到帮助他人与传播自由软件的乐趣。还有什么比这些更能吸引你的呢?来加入我们 吧!