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What is Planet 'Edited'?

Planet 'Edited' was born having one idea in mind: setting up a blog aggregator software that should contain only Fedora-related material and posts. The adjective edited came from the fact that this planet will be maintained and edited by a group of people (the editors), that will make sure appropriate and relevant content gets posted.

Differences between Planet and Edited

The relevant differences between the current planet and 'edited' can be summarized as it follows:

  • the current planet does not have any control measure over the published posts, while 'edited' will.
  • the current planet is open to any generic content, while 'edited' will be restricted to Fedora-only content.
  • the current planet does not request any special requirement for blog's feeds, while 'edited' will request special categories (this usually means a specific /fedora/feed category) to be created in order to have a blog aggregated.
  • while the current planet contains a variety of posts and arguments, the 'edited' will contain any relevant information coming out from any internal team or project within Fedora. (i.e $group needs help and sends out through his blog a request for help. Contributors should have a look at 'edited' to know the latest news and announcements from any Fedora's workgroup)

    Why my blog is not yet on Edited

    To successfully join Edited you should met some specific requirements:

  • you most likely need to be a Fedora contributor since some time.
  • you need to make sure you have a specific Fedora's tag created. (i.e *
  • your blog should have a bit of content already so that editors are able to check blog's quality and eligibility.
  • the content posted on the planet should be restricted to Fedora-only posts, but we agree a contributor is free to post anything else relevant for his life. (a planet is window through contributor's lives in the end) If you met all the requirements above, we will be more than happy to add your blog to 'edited'.

    I met all the requirements

    Please contact the editors team to have your blog successfully aggregated either mailing User:Averi or User:Skvidal. Please remember to include any relevant information we might need to check your blog and your eligibility. (i.e we would like to know in which team do you contribute, since when and most of all your blog's link together with a link to a working hackergotchi. (details about hackergotchis requirements can be found at Hackergotchi)

    Publishing inappropriate content

    One of the most important editor's duty is to ensure that all the posts published on 'edited' match the requirements posted above. If an ipothetic contributor won't follow those requirements his/her feed will be temporarily removed from 'edited'. (this should be rare, but a discussion with the blog's owner will follow to avoid any misunderstanding.

    I want to update/delete my feed from Edited

    In order to apply any change to your feed (removing/updating it), just mail the editors and it will be done. If it is not done within 24 hours, just be patient, we usually try to act on these requests as soon as possible.