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| [[SimonWesp]] || XXL || 2 (attending FAD EMEA 2008)
| [[SimonWesp]] || XXL || 2 (attending FAD EMEA 2008)
| [[ChristosBacharakis]] || XL || 2 (not attending to FAD EMEA 2008 but to FOSDEM 2009

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Ambassadors Header AmbassadorsN1.png

Fedora Ambassadors Polo Shirt

During the FAD EMEA 2006 we made the decision that we should wear all the same shirt at the events. We don't wanted an uniform but more something with a visual identify characteristic for visitors.

The requirements for this shirt were:

  • high quality (fabric)
  • easy to wash (stitchery not print)
  • robust
  • not t-shirt-style
  • long life time
  • Fedora-blue
  • independent from events and Fedora versions
  • match the Logo Guidelines

Because of this needs the "Fedora Ambassador Polo Shirt" was the result.

  • Shirt: Pique Polo Slazenger, 200 g/qm, 100 % BW,sizes: S; M; L; XL; XXL
  • Shirt Color: Pantone ® 2935 (the brighter fedora blue)
  • 1. Logo stitched: thorax top left - Fedora Symbol 4cm wide
  • 2. stitched Logotext right upper arm - Fedora Standard Logo (white types) under them "Ambassador" in U001 Font (white types - Complementary Font according to the Guidlines) 9 cm wide

The only is issue is that this kind of quality is not cheap. The costs are around 25 EUR per polo shirt (depends on the purchase order quantity).

Ambassadors PoloShirt AMB polo1.jpg Joerg simon.jpg
Front view JoergSimon - Creator

People who wants polo shirts

Next orders will be for FAD 2008 , Deadline XX. October 2008 08:00PM UTC

Costs will depend on the count of the charge - costs per shirt are around 25 EUR

Order only if you attend FAD 2008

Add your Name, size and count to the list

WikiName Size Quantity
AntonArapov XL 1
HenrikHeigl XXL 2 (attend to FAD EMEA 2008 and need them also :-) )
RishikeshSharma XL 1 (not attending to FAD but really want for Fedora 10 Release party on Dec 7, 2008 at Imphal, Manipur, India)
FelixKaechele L 2 (attending FAD EMEA 2008)
MaxSpevack L 2
SimonWesp XXL 2 (attending FAD EMEA 2008)
ChristosBacharakis XL 2 (not attending to FAD EMEA 2008 but to FOSDEM 2009
xxx xx x