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Fedora Ambassadors Polo Shirt

During the FAD EMEA 2006 we made the decision, that we all should wear the same shirt at events. We did not want a uniform, but something that would make us stand out, so that visitors/attendees could visually identify us.

The requirements for this shirt were:

  • high quality (fabric)
  • easy to wash [embroidery based logos/text(stitched not printed)]
  • robust
  • not in a t-shirt-style
  • long life time
  • Fedora-blue
  • independent from events and Fedora t-shirt versions
  • match the Logo Guidelines

Due to these requirements, the "Fedora Ambassador Polo Shirt" was the conceived with the following design specifications:

  • Shirt: Pique Polo Slazenger, 200 g/qm, 100 % BW,sizes: S; M; L; XL; XXL
  • Shirt Color: Pantone ® 2935 (the brighter fedora blue)
  • 1. embroidery logo: thorax top left - Fedora Symbol 4cm wide
  • 2. embroidery logotext right upper arm - Fedora Standard Logo (white types) under them "Ambassador" in U001 Font (white types - Complementary Font according to the Guidlines) 9 cm wide

The only problem with quality, is the attached increased price tag, that is, the polo shirts are not cheap. The cost per polo shirt is around 25 EUR (depends on the purchase order quantity).

Ambassadors PoloShirt AMB polo1.jpg Blue fedorapolo grew lt08.jpg
Front view The Fedora Polo Shirt in Action

Ordering polo shirts

Shirts are not for free
Unfortunately the polo shirts are not for free and you need to pay for them. They are around 25 EUR plus perhaps shipping. In some cases Fedora can take over (a part of) the costs, but usually we pay for the shirts.

Depending on the area you live in, here are instructions how to get a polo shirt:




File a ticket in the EMEA Swag Tracker and add the following information

  • Summary: "Ambassadorts Polo for <your name>"
  • Description: Make sure to add the following information
    • Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
    • Quantity (if you request different sizes, make sure to mention the qunatity for each of them
    • Shipping address (if you request shipping)
  • Type: T-Shirt Request
  • Owner: cwickert
  • Shipping: Normally you would select "Shipping to ticket creator" or if you want save some money "Shipping to other event attendee". You can also select "Personal pick-up" if you are going to attend a major Fedora event in the not too distant future. In this case make sure to add the event in the Field Event.
  • Latest delivery: If you have an event coming up, please add the deadline in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Otherwise leave the field empty, just like all the other fields.
Production takes some time
We need to collect orders before we can produce a new batch. This might take some time, so please make sure to oder your polo well in advance.





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