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This page guides you in submitting your idea to collaborate with others.


Step 1

To be able to edit this page, you need to have FAS account.

Step 2

Post your ideas with a idea number = (Last idea number+1). This number will be your project id. Prefix it with "CI" without quotes.

  • Format of your idea submission
    • Project id : CI#(i.e. #= (Last project id+1))
    • Project name :
    • Technology to be used :
    • Submitted by : (i.e. your name)

Step 3

Make your project id an internal link by clicking on "Ab" button on wiki formatting toolbar after selecting the project id with your mouse.

Step 4

  • Click on your project id (which by now should look like a link)
  • It will say no page exist with such name and will ask you to edit it.

Step 5

Start editing your project page.

  • Project name :
  • Technology to be used :
  • Submitted by : (i.e. your name)
  • Description :
  • Looking for people with expertise in
  • Submit your name below if you want to collaborate

Step 6

Check discussion page to see comments about your project idea.

Step 7

As soon as you get some people to collaborate with you, start the project with submitting a S.R.S. in your project page with all necessary diagrams and details. Also state the features that the end product is supposed to have. If the final product satisfies all these features as stated in your S.R.S., it will be called a successful project.

Step 8

Collaborate on the project through

  • Fedora Mailing Lists
  • Mailing lists of collaborating organizations
  • Your own mailing list (You may use Google Groups for that)

Step 9

After the completion of your project (i.e. when your end product satisfies all the stated features in your S.R.S.), list it on the page of all successful collaborative projects.

Step 10

Some collaborating organizations provide certifications upon doing successful projects under them. You may collect them now if you were collaborating with such an organization.

List of collaborative project ideas

    • Project id : CI 1
    • Project name : Quick Install
    • Technology to be used : PHP, MySQL, Shell Scripts, Drupal
    • Submitted by : Abhradipm

    • Project id : CI 2
    • Project name : Custom Fedora
    • Technology to be used : Revisor
    • Submitted by : Abhradipm