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We can say with great certainty Fedora for Power is pleased to announce the release of Fedora 21.

Download this leading-edge, free and open source operating system now:

Detailed information about the Fedora 21 release which Fedora for Power is based on can be seen in the release notes:

Supported Hardware

IBM POWER servers are the only systems fully supported by Fedora for Power at this time. All the bare metal, PowerVM and PowerKVM environments should work equally. Primarily Power7 and Power8 systems were tested, but we have a report that Power5 IntelliStation (9111-285) works too.

OpenPOWER system from Tyan (palmetto) works.

Apple MacPPC systems are not supported, have not been tested and it is expected the installer won't work. Please see the mailing list possible updates.

Power-Specific Features

In addition to all of the standard Fedora 21 features, Fedora 21 for Power also has the following changes:

  • The installer for Fedora for Power is available as the Server flavor only.
  • The Little Endian variant of the architecture has been added under the identifier ppc64le.
  • Support for 32-bit packages has been removed.

Maturity and Advanced Features

Sometimes it's not the big, new features that make a user's experience better; it's the little enhancements or long-awaited tricky features that really help make a new release the bee's knees. Fedora for Power inherits all enhancements and changes from Fedora 21.

Power-specific Known Bugs

  • KVM guest installation on virtio disk is not possible (bug 1153080), please select virtio-scsi or ibmvscsi in your guest definiton
  • ...

Fedora Project Documentation and Common Bugs

Read the full release notes for Fedora 21, guides for several languages, and learn about known bugs and how to report new ones:

  • Fedora 21 common bugs are documented at:

This page includes information on several known non-blocker bugs in Fedora 21, please be sure to read it before installing!

Future Fedora for Power Development

Currently Fedora for Power is available as the Server flavor as the outcome from the project. For the future we plan to expand this offering also with the Cloud and Workstation flavors.

Contributing to The Fedora Project

We hope that you're excited to have Fedora 21 in your hands and are looking forward to using it and exploring its new features and many improvements over Fedora 20. But that's not all! Fedora never stands still, we're always working towards a new and better release and sharing our work with the world. Want to be part of the fun? It's easy to get involved!

There are many ways to contribute to Fedora, even if it's just bug reporting. You can also help translate software and content, test and give feedback on software updates, write and edit documentation, design and do artwork, help with all sorts of promotional activities, and package free software for use by millions of Fedora users worldwide. To get started, visit today!

Contributing to Fedora for Power

More information on Fedora for Power can be found at To get involved in testing and development of Fedora for Power, join us on IRC in #fedora-ppc on Freenode, on the ppc mailing list, or on the general secondary mailing list.