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This page contains various Fedora presentations made by people in the Fedora project.

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General Overview

Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
What About Fedora ? Biertie English the presentation I gave on the Belgian release event. F12
The Fedora Project A. Mani English Software Freedom Day Presentation (LaTeX Beamer) Kolkata'2009 F11,F12
The Fedora Project Muhammad Al-Maraghy English Fedora 11 Installation & New Features F11
Installation and basic commands Anurag English Fedora installation and yum commands F11
Introduction to Fedora, What's new in Fedora 11 and What's upcoming in Fedora 12 with Fedora subprojects version 1.1 Pankaj English Fedora and Fedora subprojects F11
Introduction to Fedora, What's new in Fedora 11 and What's upcoming in Fedora 12 with Fedora subprojects version 1.0 Rahul Sundaram English This is a generic template suitable for reuse. F11
Keynote from FUDCon Berlin 2009 (also in PDF) Paul W. Frields English F11
Fedora 11 presentation Moixs French Focus on 4 user groups. Presented at HEIG-VD (15-APR-2009) F11
What is Fedora (also in PDF) Paul W. Frields English A presentation to FOSSMeet NITC on 28-FEB-2009. F10
Introduction to Fedora David Nalley English Introduction to Fedora emphasis on 4Fs (12-SEP-2008) F9
I-want-2-do-project-tell-me-wat-2-do-fedora Shakthi Kannan English Presentation for newbies on getting started at working with F/OSS projects and Fedora sub-projects (16-SEP-2009) General
Fedora Overview Susmit Shannigrahi English For familiarising people with Fedora and to let them know the possible avenues. Presented at TechTrix'08. F8
All About Fedora (GITEX Edition) John Babich English Presented at GITEX, Dubai, UAE, in 2007. Based on Greg's FUDCon Delhi presentation, updated for Fedora 7 and slightly extended. The emphasis: Why contribute -- not just to Fedora, but to open source in general? Focused on the open-minded, non-FOSS ICT audience. F7

Globalization & Migration


Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
Development in the areas of l10n Ankit Patel English Presented at FUDCon Delhi 2006. To promote the developers to do development in the areas of l10n. Generic
L10n from a Developer's perspective Ramakrishna Reddy English Presented at FUDCon Delhi 2006. Helping users to understand the localisation technologies and jargons floating around like IIMF, SCIM, Keymaps etc. Objective is to get the developers aware how easy to develop multi-language applications in Linux using the localization technologies available out of the box. Generic
Fedora I18n project Jens Petersen English Presented at the Fedora Miniconf at 2008, Melbourne, Australia. An overview of recent i18n developments in Fedora during and after the F8 cycle. F8


Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
Unix to Fedora Linux (PDF) Frederic Hornain English A presentation about migration from Unix to Fedora Linux system. FC6

Fedora Applications


Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
How does fedora work? Building Processes and Tools to deploy and deliver fedora - ( Fedora by Night)
Update on Fedora and Paravirt-ops (video) Mark McLoughlin & Stephen Tweedie Presented at Xen Summit 2008.
Fedora Live Arindam Ghosh Presented at AXIS'08, VNIT, Nagpur.


Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
Open Source Security Tiemann Presented at Tokyo Security Expo 2006.

Fedora Desktop

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Fedora Quality Assurance

This page contains various Fedora presentations made by members of the Fedora QA team.

Date Title Creator(s) Language Description
Oct 1, 2011 AutoQA Kamil Páral English Project overview and updates of AutoQA presented at FUDCon:Milan 2011
Jan 29, 2011 AutoQA update (PDF) James Laska English Current status and roadmap discussion of the AutoQA project presented at FUDCon:Tempe 2011
Sep 18, 2010 AutoQA introduction (PDF) Kamil Páral English Overview of the AutoQA project presented at FUDCon:Zurich 2010
Mar 18, 2010 Fedora QA: What do we do? liam, rhe English Overview of current QA efforts by members presented in Beijing
Dec 5, 2009 Fedora QA: What we do and how you can help adamwill English Presented at FUDCon:Toronto_2009
Dec 5, 2009 AutoQA and you wwoods English Overview of the AutoQA project presented at FUDCon:Toronto_2009

Events Worldwide

Global Fedora Events Calendar Fedora Event Archive

Title Presented By Location Description Event Date
UTOSC 2008 Presentation Paul Frields Salt Lake City, Utah Utah Open Source Conference 2008 UTOSC 2008
SCaLE 7x(PDF Version) Los Angeles from a presentation by Paul Frields In my presentation, I use a repository synchronization script, it's very basic, but will build everything needed for the demo and make it easy to use to build a live or install image. SCaLE 7x February 21, 2009
Felton LUG (PDF version) This is a slight modification of the SCaLE 7x version, with one slide shuffled and more notes included Felton LUG 04-APR-2009
FLISoL 2009 Chihuahua(Spanish) Chihuahua, México This is a modification of the Felton LUG 2009-04-04 version, with more slides added and translated into Spanish FLISoL 2009 Chihuahua April 25, 2009
FLiSoL 2009 Mexico Mexico, DF Presentation slides derived from File:FOSSMeet09.odp translated to Spanish Mexico, DF 2009
SELF 2009 (also pdf) Clint Savage SELF 2009 2009


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Infrastructure & SIGs


Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
Bodhi Luke Macken Presented at Virtual FUDCon 2007.
MirrorManager Matt Domsch Presented at Virtual FUDCon 2007.
L10n & Transifex Dimitris Glezos Presented at Virtual FUDCon 2007.
Transifex Dimitris Glezos Presented at GUADEC '07.


Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
OLPC - What if..? Karlie Robinson A presentation regarding the Math4Team progress to date.
Being Present - A Beginners Guide to FLOSS Outreach in Education. Karlie Robinson While somethings require luck and timing, nothing happens unless we make an effort to be present when people are gathering. In this presentation we'll cover techniques you can use while we discuss actual events. Answering the question... How did one seemingly random meeting result in Rochester Institute of Technology students being some of the first to receive FOSS development course work as part of their formal education?
Medical SIG Susmit Shannigrahi A presentation regarding the Fedora Medical SIG

General Templates

Fedora-slide-template title-slide base.png

Standard Fedora template - here is a standard slide template developed by Emily Dirsh of the Fedora Design Team.


Another template, created by Marc Stewart.

Following templates are contributed by Fedora Ambassadors.

Preview Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
Fedora-pres-latex-amani thumb.png File:SFD Fedor+.tar.gz A. Mani (India) English Latex Source Files Fedora 11
RodrigoPadula fedoratemplate thumb.png Fedora Presentation Rodrigo Padula (Brazil) Fedora Core 5
Presentations FedoraSlideAmbassador thumb.png Template for Impress Gerold Kassube (Germany)
Presentations Fedora-Zen thumb.png Fedora Zen Paul WFrields(USA) A simple and subtle presentation background
Fedora-template thumb.png File:Fedora-template.otp(also here) Samuele Storari
Fedora-10 V0.1 fr thumb.png Template for Fedora 10 Armel Kermorvant (France) French French Template for Fedora 10 Fedora 10
Fedora-10 V0.1 eng thumb.png English Template for Fedora 10 Armel Kermorvant (France) English Fedora 10
Izhar FedoraTemplate thumb.png Fedora Template Mohd Izhar Firdaus
Beamer-goddard-preso-latex thumb.png beamer-goddard Mohamed Elmorabity (France) A LaTeX beamer template inspired by Anaconda and the Goddard theme Fedora 13

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