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=== Definition ===
A press kit, often referred to as a media kit in business environments, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media  for promotional use. They are often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference.
=== Content ===
* Backgrounder with information on the project (if specific) and/or the Fedora Project itself  (Backgrounder module)
* Fact Sheet listing specific features, statistics, etc. (Feature module)
* Past Press Coverage (archive)
* Photos or other images (high resolution) of members, logos, products, etc.
* A press release detailing the current news the media kit is sent in reference to
* Media contact information (usually of a public relations department or spokesperson)
* A USB-Stick, CD, DVD, Software title, video, etc. as appropriate for the sender of the release
=== Deliverables ===
all of the modules mentioned above could be put together to a folder that can be send to the press agencys, PR Office, etc. and if usable also a CD/DVD or USB-Stick with the modules in an electronic form.
==== Steps to made them ready ====
1.) write modules / look over old ones <br>
1.1.) if new modules should be made, find  owner <br>
2. put them together (look and feel, make them printable as a One-Pager, border around, etc.) <br>
3. look over the actual design for a) printables and b) CD/DVD/USB-Key deliverable <br>
4. give them to print / ISO-Creation, etc. <br>
5. stuff them together for sending out to PR people or take them with to next event. <br>
=== electronic content ===
Allways deliver presstexts and deliverables for USB-stick, CD/DVD, E-Mail, etc. in several formats (be aware: not all PR people will using OpenSource Software!) and choose wich ones will be the best for your client. The best ways to have those prepared for will be
* plain text (*.txt)
* pictures, photos and Logos as JPG (72 to 300dpi) and as tif (300dpi)
* additional the source in Openoffice, Inkscape, etc. for our own archive
=== press kit archive ===
* Press Kit F12 - Link
* Press Kit F13 - Link
* Press Kit F14 - Link
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== Ideas for upcoming press kits ==
=== F12 ===
This section is about the press kits that we have already made for F12.
* The F12 press kits were one-size fits all. (They did not necessarily fit all.)
* Two pages long. Contents:
** Changes between F11 and F12
** Link to [[Statistics]]
** Feature blurbs
** Common bugs
** Link to release notes
** Highlight of presto
** Liveusb improvements and help
* Came with a liveusb that was basically "F12 with Red Hat Summit branded wallpaper."
=== F13 ===
This section is about the press kits we ''will'' have for F13, and things we want to keep in mind while making them.
* We want the F13 press kits to be modular.
* We want them to have option value - (um, can someone elaborate on this?)
* We want them to have the following components:
** "About F13" blurb (Neville)
** 4 F's (Robyn)
** Pymodule (Max)
** Stats (Mel)
** Background of fedora (Ryan and Ben)
** Design spin (David)
** Security spin (Henrik and Hiemanshu)
** USB key stuff (Russell)
=== F14 ===
This section is about the press kits we ''will'' have for F14 (and beyond - this gets towards our "ideal vision" of a press kit as of today), and things we want to keep in mind while making them
The "Fedora Story"
Campaigns on $feature

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