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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.


A press kit, often referred to as a media kit in business environments, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. They are often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference.


  • Backgrounder with information on the project (if specific) and/or the Fedora Project itself (Backgrounder module)
  • Fact Sheet listing specific features, statistics, etc. (Feature module)
  • Past Press Coverage (archive)
  • Photos or other images (high resolution) of members, logos, products, etc.
  • A press release detailing the current news the media kit is sent in reference to
  • Media contact information (usually of a public relations department or spokesperson)
  • A USB-Stick, CD, DVD, Software title, video, etc. as appropriate for the sender of the release


all of the modules mentioned above could be put together to a folder that can be send to the press agencys, PR Office, etc. and if usable also a CD/DVD or USB-Stick with the modules in an electronic form.

==== Steps to made them ready ====
1.) write modules / look over old ones
1.1.) if new modules should be made, find owner
2. put them together (look and feel, make them printable as a One-Pager, border around, etc.)
3. look over the actual design for a) printables and b) CD/DVD/USB-Key deliverable
4. give them to print / ISO-Creation, etc.
5. stuff them together for sending out to PR people or take them with to next event.

electronic content

Allways deliver presstexts and deliverables for USB-stick, CD/DVD, E-Mail, etc. in several formats (be aware: not all PR people will using OpenSource Software!) and choose wich ones will be the best for your client. The best ways to have those prepared for will be

  • plain text (*.txt)
  • PDF
  • pictures, photos and Logos as JPG (72 to 300dpi) and as tif (300dpi)
  • additional the source in Openoffice, Inkscape, etc. for our own archive

press kit archive

  • Press Kit F12 - Link
  • Press Kit F13 - Link
  • Press Kit F14 - Link

--wonderer 15:53, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

Ideas for upcoming press kits


This section is about the press kits that we have already made for F12.

  • The F12 press kits were one-size fits all. (They did not necessarily fit all.)
  • Two pages long. Contents:
    • Changes between F11 and F12
    • Link to Statistics
    • Feature blurbs
    • Common bugs
    • Link to release notes
    • Highlight of presto
    • Liveusb improvements and help
  • Came with a liveusb that was basically "F12 with Red Hat Summit branded wallpaper."


This section is about the press kits we will have for F13, and things we want to keep in mind while making them.

  • We want the F13 press kits to be modular.
  • We want them to have option value - (um, can someone elaborate on this?)
  • We want them to have the following components:
    • "About F13" blurb (Neville)
    • 4 F's (Robyn)
    • Pymodule (Max)
    • Stats (Mel)
    • Background of fedora (Ryan and Ben)
    • Design spin (David)
    • Security spin (Henrik and Hiemanshu)
    • USB key stuff (Russell)


This section is about the press kits we will have for F14 (and beyond - this gets towards our "ideal vision" of a press kit as of today), and things we want to keep in mind while making them

The "Fedora Story" Campaigns on $feature