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This is a Marketing SOP that describes how to create a Press kit for Fedora (usually for a Fedora release).


You can see examples of past press kits at Press kit.

Typical contents

Press kits usually have the following materials within them. They are typically remixes of existing marketing materials/deliverables.

  • Background module with information on the project (if specific) and/or the Fedora Project itself - this is typically covered by inclusion of the One page release notes.
  • Feature module listing specific features, statistics, etc. on the project or the current release - this is also typically covered by inclusion of the One page release notes.
  • Past press coverage - lists of news coverage the project has recently gotten.
  • Photos and images of people, logos, products, etc. (high resolution)
  • A press release detailing the current news the media kit is sent in reference to
  • Media contact information (usually of a public relations department or spokesperson)
  • Demo media - A USB-Stick, CD, DVD, Software title, video, etc. as appropriate for the sender of the release.

Typical deliverable formats

Press kits are usually delivered in hard copy format. Various pdf files are printed and placed in a folder that can either be handed out to press at the event in question, or mailed to news agencies and PR offices.

Sometimes, press kits also contain a CD/DVD or USB-Stick with the content modules in an electronic form. A Fedora LiveCD/DVD/USB may also be included.

Henrik wrote a blog post showing examples of (non-Fedora) press kits he's found in the past, along with an analysis of what they contain, for a more concrete picture of what press kits look like in the wild.


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