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Jharkhand is an economically backward region in India with a large rural population. Since the last few years, students and others alike in these rural areas have developed keen interest in acquiring skills of computer usage. However just like many others, they have been using piriated software and pirated operating system. This is largely due to two reasons - one, their instructors were conversant with that particular operating system which was beyond their purchasing capability and taught them computer usage based on that. Two, they were totally ignorant of open source and free operating system like Fedora. As a result of this, almost everybody is condemned to use pirated OS.

The Idea

The idea is to take Fedora to rural areas of Jharkhand through a number of programs like: 1. Organising workshops on 'What is Fedora' 2. Distributing media 3. Using banners, posters etc 4. Helping in installation 5. Organising training camps, workshops on basic usage of Fedora (using multimedia, text editors . . .)