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The Fedora Project itself is made up of many different projects, called sub-projects, that come together to make the Fedora Project what it is. These projects share their resources and are a part of a unified community. For more information about what defines one of these projects and sets it apart from other efforts within the community, see our definition of a project.

We have attempted to define some ground rules regarding which teams within Fedora qualify as projects in order to establish a level of quality and holistic understanding of our developments. For detailed information on this, see our definition of a project.

Fedora Documentation

Fedora Documentation (often referred to as the Docs Project) provides documents and reference materials to assist users of Fedora Project releases.

Fedora Localization

The Fedora Localization Project(l10n)'s goal is to translate the software, documentation and websites associated with the Fedora Project.

Fedora Marketing

Fedora Marketing aims to expand both the user base and contributor base of the Fedora Project.

Fedora Ambassadors

The Fedora Ambassadors project furthers the goals of Fedora Marketing through grass-roots efforts and event coordination.

Fedora Design

Fedora Design (formerly known as the Artwork Team) is responsible for enhancing the look and feel of the Fedora Project through graphics and sound.

Fedora Infrastructure

Fedora Infrastructure provides and maintains many of the critical technologies that keep the Fedora Project running.

Fedora Websites

The Fedora Websites project, an initiative under Fedora Infrastructure, aims to develop and maintain the Fedora Project formal websites and to coordinate with community websites.

Fedora Internationalization

Fedora Internationalization (i18n) focuses on making Fedora work well for many international languages.

Fedora Weekly News

The Fedora Weekly News has been supplanted by the Fedora Magazine The Fedora Magazine is our new spot where you can read up on Fedora events, Fedora board meeting notes, updates within the Fedora project and Fedora itself.

Fedora Distribution

The Fedora Distribution Project manages the various aspects of distributing Fedora on physical media. This includes managing the programs that distribute Fedora on physical media and organizing and maintaining information from vendors.

Fedora SIGs

Fedora Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are other efforts within the Fedora Project that don't meet the project definition.