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'Fedora Projects Weekly Report : 2006-04-10
Report Writers & Translators
Community Contributors
Reports Archive
Core Extras Ambassadors & Marketing Documentation Kadischi Translation
Table of Contents



[edit] Core


[edit] Extras

  • Extras Steering Committee Meeting Minutes: None Reported
  • To discuss development related to the Fedora Extras project, join Fedora Extras Project List

Ambassadors & Marketing

[edit] Ambassadors & Marketing

  • Ambasssdors Steering Committee Meeting Minutes: 2006-04-10
  • Ambassadors Meeting Minutes: no meeting due to ["LinuxWorld"] and ["FUDCon"] in Boston
  • New Ambassadors: RajeshPandey, EugeneTeo, PrudhviKrishna
  • To discuss Fedora events and LUGs to tell them about Fedora project and the distribution, join Fedora Ambassadors Project List (Private List)
  • To discuss Fedora marketing and expanding the Fedora user base, join Fedora Marketing Project List (Public List)


[edit] Documentation


[edit] Kadischi


[edit] Translation


[edit] Universe

This section captures other general discussions of interest to the Fedora users and developers.

Community Contributors

[edit] Community Contributors

We, the Fedora Community members strive to bring the latest updates on the Fedora Project to you in a timely manner and in a crisp style. If you like this report and would like to contribute towards it by adding more content, translate this report or cover one of the several Fedora sub projects, you can refer to Contribute page for more information or contact the editor for help. Thank you for your interest in the Fedora Project

Report Writers & Translators
Project Writer/Editor Translations
Editor RahulSundaram ThomasChung English
Universe RahulSundaram English
["Core"] JesseKeating English
["Extras"] ThorstenLeemhuis English
["Kadischi"] ChitleshGoorah English
["Ambassadors"] TejasDinkar English
Translation AmanAlam English

Report Archives

[edit] Report Archives

Archives Are Avaliable at will always redirect to the latest report from the Fedora Project.