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Fedora Projects Weekly Report : 06 Feb 2006
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Core Extras Ambassadors & Marketing Documentation Kadischi L10N
Table of Contents



[edit] Core


[edit] Extras

Ambassadors & Marketing

[edit] Ambassadors & Marketing

  • MikaelJacobsson joins as Swedish Ambassador
  • PrudhviKrishna joins as Indian Ambassador
  • PabloBarrera joins as ambassador from Argentina
  • ThomasChung announces the FreeMedia project, and attempts to launch it along with FC5
  • GregDeKoenigsberg announces the current schwag plan

[edit] Event Notes

  • TejasDinkar requests funding for travel to FUDConDelhi2006
  • Aurelien Bompard announces the success of Fedora at Solutions Linux
  • RahulSundaram attends GNUnify , although he is not speaking there
  • Indian Ambassadors are prepared for FUDConDelhi2006
  • Loads of Ownerless events!!!! Volunteer at FedoraEvents


[edit] Documentation

  • The Documentation Project infrastructure is now able to build RPM packages. The results are currently undergoing technical review, before FDP packages move in Fedora Extras.
  • Work on migrating the translations infrastructure to the Fedora CVS is due to begin after the release of FC5 test3.

Kadischi Weekly Report : 06 February 2006

[edit] Kadischi

  • Kadischi is working fine under Fedora Core 4. But officially, it hasn't yet been declared to be working under FC5 Test*. A lot of research and testing is being done by the contributors to make it possible. This Weekly Report of Kadischi describes the progress being made.
  • This of course only applies to FC5 Test platform testers.
  • JasperHartline's patch was accepted by upstream. This patch, included into anaconda-10.91.14-1, allows Kadischi to be used without patching Anaconda by users, and without the --livecd switch, eliminating the partitioning screens.
  • There are still some broken elements in the post-install scripts of kadischi such as, linking in the and, plus switching /sbin/nash with losetup.
  • The Development wiki page entails more information about Kadischi versus Fedora Core 5 Test *. I reminds that this page is a hard coding ground.
  • Last week's meeting was mainly targeted to what contributors [are looking forward] with the Kadischi project.
  • Last week's meeting also ensured progress among contributors . AndyBurns became Kadischi's CVS Maintainer.


[edit] L10N


[edit] Universe

This section captures other general discussions of interest to the Fedora users and developers.

Community Contributors

[edit] Community Contributors

We, the Fedora Community members strive to bring the latest updates on the Fedora Project to you in a timely manner and in a crisp style. If you like this report and would like to contribute towards it by adding more content, translate this report or cover one of the several Fedora sub projects, you can contact the Fedora Marketing team to help. Thank you for your interest in the Fedora Project

Report Writers & Translators

[edit] Report Writers & Translators

Project Writer/Editor Translations
Editor RahulSundaram English
Universe RahulSundaram English
wiki:Self:Core JesseKeating English
wiki:Self:Extras ThorstenLeemhuis English
wiki:Self:DocsProject StuartEllis English
wiki:Self:Kadischi ChitleshGoorah English
wiki:Self:Ambassadors TejasDinkar English
wiki:Self:L10N AmanAlam English

Report Archives

[edit] Report Archives

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