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Fedora Projects Weekly Report : 20 Feb 2006
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Table of Contents



[edit] Core

Rawhide is in freeze for Fedora Core 5 test 3 release now.


[edit] Extras

Ambassadors & Marketing

[edit] Ambassadors & Marketing

  • We are focussing on Fedora Core 5 release now. We have a media plan in place.
  • AlexMaier announces the Fedora Multimedia Contest
  • RajeshRanjan request that we start producing a larger set of schwag, including children's clothes
  • All contributions to the Fedora Project wiki must be under the OPL. All Ambassadors must sign the CLA before being granted access to the EditGroup
  • TejasDinkar requests that we change meeting format to have events at the end
  • JoseTarazona proposes allowing Remote Ambassadors to talk at events via videoconference.
  • ChitleshGoorah is making a Kadischi presentation
  • Standard Ambassador's Kit is being but together by GregDeKoenigsberg
  • AlexMaier makes it very clear that Fedora should not be associated with Fedora Hats, as per the request made by Red Hat, Inc. Fedora Hats Must NOT ever be used to promote Fedora in any way (No matter how cool they look :p)

New Ambassadors:

  • ClairShaw Joins as the Ambassador for Lancaster, UK
  • ThomasCanniot Joins as an Ambassador for North France
  • PawelSadowski Joins as an Ambassador for Poland
  • KushalDas Joins as an Ambassador for Bangalore, India

Event Notes:


[edit] Documentation

  • Red Hat will be relicensing the documentation that it maintains, to make the content available under a fully open license. Once this process is complete the documentation may be developed in conjunction with the Fedora Documentation Project, and distributed with Fedora itself. Other projects will also be able to freely use and contribute to this content. The guides for both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Directory Server will be made open - a total of over a dozen books.
  • Both the existing Fedora documentation and the relicensed Red Hat documentation will use the OPL (Open Publication License), with no optional clauses. This license enables documents to be freely distributed and modified, provided that the original authors are correctly credited.

Red Hat documentation currently uses the OPL, with an optional clause that prevents modifications.

  • For more details on the relicensing, please refer to these items:

The announcement to the Documentation mailing list:

A draft FAQ that explains the forthcoming changes:

The full text of the OPL is available here:

If you have any queries or comments, please e-mail the Fedora Documentation Project mailing list:

  • In order to ensure the free use of content on the Fedora Project Wiki, the Wiki will also explicitly use the OPL with no optional clauses. Contributors will contacted to ask their permission for licensing of their work.

Kadischi Weekly Report : 20 February 2005

[edit] Kadischi

  • JasperHartline announced that the issue regarding using Kadischi with DVD repository media has been resolved for users under FC5t* and Anaconda 10.92.0-1. FC4 users will need to read his mail for more details.

Quote: Fedora fans now have the ["Kadischi"] Fedora Live CD Project, which has recently created Fedora Core 5 Test 2 live CDs

  • JasperHartline posted a patch to solve the issue mv: preserving times /livecd/ramfs/rc.d/rc.local/**** which ChitleshGoorah confirmed it works.
  • ChitleshGoorah posted to the list a post-install script . The idea behind his script is to be interactive in the default choice of services for the livecd. The script requires zenity.
  • The ambassador WassimKaroui proposes alternative methode to download ["Kadischi"] via http . Some of his friends have the CVS port blocked (firewall), so he mirrored ["Kadischi"] , at least as long as CVS is the only possibilities to download it.
  • ["Kadischi"] 's Doc folder (CVS version) has been updated .


[edit] L10N


[edit] Universe

This section captures other general discussions of interest to the Fedora users and developers.

Community Contributors

[edit] Community Contributors

We, the Fedora Community members strive to bring the latest updates on the Fedora Project to you in a timely manner and in a crisp style. If you like this report and would like to contribute towards it by adding more content, translate this report or cover one of the several Fedora sub projects, you can refer to Contribute page for more information or contact the editor for help. Thank you for your interest in the Fedora Project

Report Writers & Translators

[edit] Report Writers & Translators

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[edit] Report Archives

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