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Fedora Projects Weekly Report : 16 January 2006
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Week in Wrapup

  • Inclusion of beagle/f-spot/tomboy in core.
  • Better support for dmraid devices (Motherboard based raid)
  • Development frozen for Test2 cleanup
  • Test2 trees created and tested, finally deliverd to mirroring system
  • Rawhide opened back up for package submissions
  • Rescue images for i386, x86_64, ppc delivered nightly and in releases
  • PPC rescue CD booting and CD1/DVD booting fixed (but not in time for Test2)




This is the first Fedora Extras Weekly Report.


during the week New Packages:
perl-Digest-MD4, perl-Compress-Bzip2, perl-SQL-Statement,perl-Digest-MD2,perl-version, grace, trac, xmldiff, kbibtex, licq, mysql-administrator, z88dk, lib765, libdsk, libspectrum, wine-docs, python-sqlite2, rtorrent, libtorrent, wavepack
Jan, 10 2006 A temporary Mono package policy was published after mono was added to rawhide.
Jan, 12 2006 FESCo [wiki:Self:Extras/SteeringCommittee Meeting]
* Official statement on the recent Mono happenings from GregDeKoenigsberg: "Business considerations that prevented certain Mono components from being included in Fedora previously have now been resolved."
* Thorsten Leemhuis (thl) is the new Chair of FESCo (see also his announcement ).
* Kernel module discussion ongoing.
* Discussions about a mass-rebuild of extras before FC5. Will probably happen closer to test3.
* Create a new Tracker bug for bugs waiting for reviews from sponsors.
Jan, 14 2006 FESCo added a work item " Security Policy for Extras " to the [Extras/Schedule agenda] after some critique about the lack of a defined policy.
Jan, 14 2006 PaulWFrields created a Extras/UsefulScripts wiki page with usefull scripts for Fedora Extras
Jan, 15 2006 FESCo added a work item " Better web interface " to the agenda after some critique about the current Fedora Extras web interace based on repoview.
Jan, 15 2006 Discussion about Extras mass rebuild before release of Fedora Core 5 and handling of orphaned packages.

Ambassadors & Marketing

Ambassadors & Marketing

  • GregDeKoenigsberg announces that the Steering Commitee will be in charge of deciding which events shall recieve Fedora Goodies
  • ["Ambassadors"] should join the 'Ambassadors' group in the Account System. All Ambassadors will then recieve alias, which will become an alias as soon as possible
  • TejasDinkar requested early access to Fedora Core 5 for Ambassadors for Distibution Purposes which was put on hold.
  • Ambassadors must sign the CLA to Submit Presentations . These presentations will be downloadable, and will be used to represent Fedora at talks.
  • Ambassadors can get a sign-off to use the trademark and ["Logo"] to create their own business cards. They are encouraged to submit templates to the list.
  • Merlin requests funding for PLD Linux Day (Poland)

Event Notes

GeroldKassube announces the Cfp of German LinuxTag 2006

GeroldKassube regrettably announced that he will not be able to participate in MiniBit 2006

JackAboutboul Announced Fedora's Participation in Linux World, and proposes a potential FUDCon in Boston University

Confirmed visits from Greg and Blizzard to FUDCon Delhi 2006 alias LinuxAsia

ThomasChung has requested schwag for SCALE

ChitleshGoorah has unofficially reserved a booth for Strasbourg



  • StuartEllis continues to update the Installation Guide to match the latest developments in test2. ScottGlaser is also working on a branch to simplify the installation workflow for novices.
  • TommyReynolds and PaulWFrields are polishing the build and packaging process with the goal of having at least some documentation packages available for test3.
  • A number of documents are available at Docs/Drafts for community involvement. These drafts will eventually be ported to CVS and form the canon of beginners' documentation for the Core distribution.

The FDP steering committee meets every week on freenode IRC (#fedora-docs), Tuesdays at 2100 GMT.

Kadischi Weekly Report : 16 January 2005


This is the first [wiki:Self:Kadischi Kadischi] Weekly Report.
After one week, when ThijsHulshof called for developers to work with the Kadischi Project, some contributors popped in.


  • MikaelJacobsson ([wiki:se_SE/Tools/Kadischi/Documentation Swedish translation] )
  • LuyaTshimbalanga and ThomasCanniot ([wiki:fr_FR/Outils/Kadischi French translation] )
  • JasperHartline (Kadischi research and testing)
  • MennoSlaats (Documentation)
  • ThijsHulshof (Dutch Translation, Testing)
  • Thierry Jules (Testing and documentation)
  • and I, ChitleshGoorah (wiki maintainer and documentation.)


Our objective is to give life to the Kadischi Project and finally get a maintainer to push the gears to 100%.
With the participation of PatrickBarnes, we have established some kind of hierarchy in the wiki.

PatrickBarnes pointed out that Fedora Derived Distribution's LiveCD's list isn't really related to ["Kadischi"] , and should be left as it is.


Jan, 10 2006 Anyone would like commit access to Kadischi CVS, and has a patch that they're already trying to get in, e-mail ElliotLee and we'll work on getting commit access for more of the contributors.
Jan, 11 2006 A category "CategoryKadischi" was created in the wiki. JasperHartline currently have two patches that will patch clean against anaconda-10.91.0 (anaconda.patch and
Jan, 12 2006 GregDeKoenigsberg said that the Kadischi Project isn't mature enough to be part of the Official Fedora Projects such Extras, Marketing... If a strong lead wants to step up and can:
* Run the meeting
* Maintain the wiki
* Do some coding
Jan, 13 2006 JasperHartline have submitted these to JeremyKatz. Meanwhile, ChitleshGoorah is maintaining the ["Kadischi"] wiki page. The idea is to have a particular graphical layout for Kadischi Project in the wiki. We have a good looking .spec file that builds Kadischi from CVS. As time progresses, we hope to generate more interest in this Kadischi project to create a formal Fedora Core LiveCD. ElliotLee responded to JasperHartline's long awaited question of what Kadischi means - "Kadischi is just a random word I made up for Darko that included the string 'disc'." LuyaTshimbalanga helped for translating [wiki:Self:Kadischi Kadischi] wiki pages to French.
Jan, 14 2006 JasperHartline and ChitleshGoorah worked on the Kadischi FAQ . MikaelJacobsson helped for translating Kadischi Documentation to swedish.
Jan, 16 2006 ["Kadischi"] Project has its first weekly report
Jan, 15 2005 ChitleshGoorah's screenshots of Kadischi (at work) have been published at


The Kadischi Contributors are looking forward to the following:

  • We plan to create a Impress presentation about Kadischi after we complete updating the Kadischi related wiki pages. Fedora Ambassadors can help spread the good word.
  • Weekly meetings
  • Russian translation for the Kadischi Documentation.

The [wiki:Self:Kadischi Kadischi] Project is still without a permanent maintainer. Meanwhile ChitleshGoorah is coordinating the project with the help of other contributors .




Jan, 14 2006 update L10N Page, Added the L10N Teams Page
Jan, 15 2006 Added Punjabi Language Team page. AmanAlam sent a request to Fedora Translation list for the different language eams to add and maintain their own pages in the wiki

Community Contributors

Community Contributors

We, the Fedora Community members strive to bring the latest updates on the Fedora Project to you in a timely manner and in a crisp style. If you like this report and would like to contribute towards it by adding more content, translate this report or cover one of the several Fedora sub projects, you can contact the Fedora Marketing team to help. Thank you for your interest in the Fedora Project

Report Writers & Translators

Report Writers & Translators

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Report Archives

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