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Fedora Projects Weekly Report : 30th January 2006
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[edit] Core

Core was pretty quiet this week as far as packages go. Gnomemeeting was replaced by ekiga, see Kernel updates haven't happened in a few days because Linus is at LCA ( look for some updates very soon.

There has been lots of discussion regarding the 'everything' install, however at this time there is no Everything install. This is most likely not going to change, but then again it could. More information about reorganisation of packages is available at

Pup and Pirut have menu icons once again.


[edit] Extras

Ambassadors & Marketing

[edit] Ambassadors & Marketing


[edit] Documentation

  • A process is being developed to transcribe content from the Wiki to the DocBook format used for publishing Fedora documentation. This will be trialled and developed for the test3 Release Notes.
  • Initial discussions have begun on transferring the Translation infrastructure from the current Red Hat server to the Fedora CVS system.
  • The OPL (Open Publication License) has been discussed as a license for Fedora documentation. The OPL protects the rights of users to distribute and modify content, and does have the issues that have made the GFDL (GNU Free Documentation License) controversial.


[edit] Kadischi

  • Wednesday's meeting was coordinated by GregDeKoenigsberg which lasted for 10 minutes. Meeting Minutes can be found at Meetings
  • JasperHartline reported some updates concerning FC5 Test 2. JasperHartline noticed %systemdir/proc isn't mounted by Anaconda anymore while building some RAWHIDE ISOs with kadischi
  • ChitleshGoorah is preparing the next meeting scheduled topics. He also asked whether the previous scueduled todo are still uptodate.
  • JeremyKatz gave some useful directions to the Kadischi Project. He explained the status of some of the previous todos.
  • Thanks to ThorstenLeemhuis, The Kadischi Project is now available in [wiki:nl_NL/Kadischi dutch] .


[edit] L10N


[edit] Universe

This section captures other general discussions of interest to the Fedora users and developers.

Community Contributors

[edit] Community Contributors

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[edit] Report Writers & Translators

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[edit] Report Archives

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