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Fedora Projects Weekly Report : 06 March 2006
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Table of Contents



[edit] Core


[edit] Extras

  • New packages added to Fedora Extras: gnome-schedule, lucidlife, oddjob, libopensync-plugin-gpe, w3c-libwww, perl-Spiffy, tinyfugue, sqlite2, jthread, libtomoe-gtk, linux-libertine-fonts, planet, heartbeat, libopensync-plugin-kdepim, libipoddevice, perl-IO-All, perl-Spoon, ipod-sharp, qgit, lcov, banshee
  • Major Topics in this weeks FESCo meeting :
  • Kernel module standardization
  • xen naming problems should be solved soon
  • scop will fire some test builds (site note: there was a problem; see the lists)
  • Mass rebuild of Extras for FC5
  • poke thias again -- he still has a lot of packages that are not yet rebuild (site note: poked, no response yet)
  • orphans that can be removed without breaking other stuff will be deleted from the repo and disabled in cvs (site note: was done already by mschwendt).
  • gst08 -- we need this in FE5 because some packages depend on it. Plan: Get it into extras until next Thursday. even if it's not perfect.
  • EOL Policy for FE
  • No process. thl has it on his todo-list.
  • Encourage Extras reviews
  • better documentation. warren will do that after FC5 is out the door
  • Broken deps report
  • problems when running on rawhide. mschwendt and skvidal will look into this.
  • Weekly sponsorship nomination
  • Nobody.
  • separate lists for bugzilla-spam
  • warren is working on it
  • FE-NEEDSPONSOR tracker bug
  • Will be removed from the schedule. Warren will document it in the updated documentation. We can put it back if there is anything remaining regarding it.
  • Free discussion; Highlights: Script that automatically checks things during review, Multilib in extras (seems some people don't like the idea)
  • Mass rebuild of extras/development for FE5 still in progress -- see the announce-mail for details. There are still around 180 packages that need a rebuild; See FC5Status in the wiki for details.
  • Highlights from fedora mailinglists regarding Fedora Extras
  • Extras Lists Transition Plan
  • Request for help and opinions: Rebuilding and basic checking for orphans
  • Documentation request
  • Wine and x86_64
  • games sig - Downloader for shareware data files for gpl engines such as vavoom
  • Rebuild status
  • Orphans?
  • Important - Removed orphans from repository

Ambassadors & Marketing

[edit] Ambassadors & Marketing

  • AlexMaier announces the first Ambassador Recognition Award
  • RahulSundaram reminds all Ambassadors that they must sign the CLA to have wiki access
  • ChitleshGoorah announces an unofficial FC5T3 Live CD for download
  • ThomasCanniot previews the Fedora Flyers
  • DamienDurand joins as a Belgian Ambassador

[edit] Event Notes

  • ThijsHulshof announces success of the ["FedoraEvents/FedoraDay"] in the Netherlands
  • FredericHornain reports on ["FedoraEvents/FOSDEM"] 2006
  • RahulSundaram reports on ["FUDCon/FUDConDelhi2006"]
  • FlorianBrand announces the cfp for ["FUDCon/FUDConWiesbaden2006"]


[edit] Documentation

Kadischi Weekly Report : 06 February 2005

[edit] Kadischi

  • ChitleshGoorah created a livecd based on the Fedora Core 5 Test 3 which was available for download at Thanks to JonFautley.

About the Live CD The liveCD was gnome-based only. Language & Keyboard settings : french (fr) ISO size: 694.2 MB License: same as Fedora Core 5 Test 3 username = root password = fedora

why french? because he had already an iso for a French project and to promote FC5 as well.


[edit] L10N


[edit] Universe

This section captures other general discussions of interest to the Fedora users and developers.

Community Contributors

[edit] Community Contributors

We, the Fedora Community members strive to bring the latest updates on the Fedora Project to you in a timely manner and in a crisp style. If you like this report and would like to contribute towards it by adding more content, translate this report or cover one of the several Fedora sub projects, you can refer to Contribute page for more information or contact the editor for help. Thank you for your interest in the Fedora Project

Report Writers & Translators

[edit] Report Writers & Translators

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Editor RahulSundaram ThomasChung English
Universe RahulSundaram English
wiki:Self:Core JesseKeating English
wiki:Self:Extras ThorstenLeemhuis English
wiki:Self:Kadischi ChitleshGoorah English
wiki:Self:Ambassadors TejasDinkar English
wiki:Self:L10N AmanAlam English

Report Archives

[edit] Report Archives

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