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In the past, every regular Fedora packager having more than 5 packages (as maintainer) was able to request membership in the provenpackager group (former known as uberpackager group). This initial seeding of the group got changed into manual FAS requests later. Those requests can be approved by a single existing provenpackager-sponsor.
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== Policy ==
At the FESCo meeting on 2009/03/06, it was decided that the provenpackager group would be emptied and only existing sponsors would automatically gain admittance, as they had already been vetted by FESCo. This took place on Monday, 2009/03/08. Any future sponsor would also be added to the group if not already a member.
Any non-sponsor member of provenpackager would need to follow the below procedure in order to gain membership.
* Make desire known to [[Development/SteeringCommittee|FESCo]].  This can be done in any fashion - private mail to the chair, on [ fedora-devel-list], via IRC (probably not really recommended), via mail to, filing a ticket at the [ Trac] instance, applying to the group, carrier pigeon, etc. It is helpful if you specify what you plan to do with the access in the communication.
* If reason for access is not stated, the FESCo chair may ask for clarification from the individual requesting access what they plan to do with the access.
* The FESCo chair will send an e-mail to the sponsors list for the packager group. Debate will take place on the list for a perriod of one week normally.
* FESCo will vote at it's weekly meeting on the proposals.
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This page is deprecated
FESCo docs have moved to docs.fp.o with source hosted in a pagure repo. This page is now at