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This page serves as a central location for all things related to Publican.

Note: Publican was formerly known as Documentation-Devel.

Public Announcement

The semi-official announcement is at:

Here is the text:

>From Brian Forte:


Brisbane, Queensland, 2008/02/14 -- Red Hat Engineering Content
Services is pleased to announce Publican, a new publishing package.

Publican -- which has been used by Red Hat's Documentation Group for
almost two years -- takes DocBook XML input and outputs HTML, plain
Unicode text and PDF. This output can be branded with the following
brands: Fedora, Red Hat, and JBoss. A default, generic brand is also
included. Further brands can be added, either by request, or by direct
customisation. (To request an additional brand, submit a bug via
<>. Submit the bug against the "Red Hat
Enterprise Linux" product, and the "publican" component.)

But "make html" and "make pdf" are, perhaps, the least of Publican.
What makes Publican worth announcing are "create_book" and "make

"create_book" does what the command name implies: it creates a
directory of the XML files you need to start writing a book or article
using DocBook XML as well as a ready-to-roll Makefile for outputting
HTML, text and PDF.

"make dist-srpm" takes a book, turns it into a tarball, adds an
appropriate specfile and then wraps the whole thing up into a src.rpm.
This makes it easy to incorporate documentation into the standard
distribution build chain.

Publican is being incorporated into the Fedora tree in the coming days
and weeks. To learn more, members of the Publican development and
documentation team will be answering questions in #fedora-docs on on Thursday 2008/02/14 from 12:00 Australian Eastern
Standard Time (2008/02/14 02:00 UTC/GMT; 2008/02/14 IST; 2008/02/13
22:00 American EDT; 2008/02/13 19:00 American PDT).


Kind Regards,


Publican List

Publican list is used to inform users of the current Publican version, upgrades and changes, bug fixes, and for Publican discussions.

All writers and translators are encouraged to subscribe:

IRC Log of Publican Meeting

The meeting referenced above was held as scheduled on Thursday, 14 February at 0200 UTC. The transcript can be read here .

Official Publican Site

The Fedora Hosted site contains the code and some additional documentation:

Installing Publican

Publican is available in the official Fedora repositories. To install it with user documentation, run this command:

yum install publican-doc publican-fedora