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When your book or article is ready to present in draft form on, make the following changes before you publish:

Book_Info.xml (or Article_Info.xml)

  • Change the <productname> tag to Fedora Draft Documentation
  • Remove the contents of the <productnumber> tag and leave it empty.

The relevant lines should now look like this:

	<productname>Fedora Draft Documentation</productname>

Optionally, if you plan to release the document for a particular Fedora release, include the Fedora release number in the the <edition> tag. For example, if you plan to release the book for Fedora 14, you would set:


Here, 14.0.1 signifies Fedora 14, edition 0.1.

Publican.cfg file

  • Add the following lines to the book or article's publican.cfg file:
version: 0.1
web_version_label: UNUSED


  • For example: Installation_Guide.xml
  • Change <book> to <book status="draft">

This will add the red DRAFT watermark to the document for draft publication.