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== Volunteers ==
== Volunteers ==
* Robyn Bergeron
There are two passes available for non-speakers; Robyn is using one of them. Contact [[User:rbergero|Robyn]] if you are interested in the other pass and are willing to work the table.
* Dan Mashal
* Karsten Wade
* Jon Stanley (will do booth duty as well as speaking duty :) )
== Budget ==
== Budget ==

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An operations conference primarily focused on the usage of Puppet, but also focused on other operations/sysadmin type fun. A good place for us to do outreach to users and prospective contributors.


[edit] Date and Time

September 27th and 28th, 2012

[edit] Location

Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA

[edit] Registration

[edit] Where's Fedora

Fedora has a booth on Thursday and Friday (27th/28th).

[edit] Volunteers

  • Robyn Bergeron
  • Dan Mashal
  • Karsten Wade
  • Jon Stanley (will do booth duty as well as speaking duty :) )

[edit] Budget

[edit] Actual amounts

[edit] Status

  • Need to put together a sysadmin-type flyer
  • Have media, need to obtain other swag
  • Need to file ticket for banners/tablecloth/event box, have already mailed Mark Terranova about option to drop it off with Karsten Wade (since it just needs to move to another location in the Bay Area)
  • Need to get some sticker sheets from Leslie.

[edit] Blogs and Reports