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Fedora updates for released er releases are typically pushed once a work day. This SOP covers the steps involved.


1. install bodhi-client on your local workstation

yum install <I don't know>

2. refresh login cache

$ bodhi -m

3. Get a list of packages to push

$ bodhi -P --push-release F12 --push-release F13
Do NOT press "Yes" yet.

4. Copy build names to signing host, one package name per line


5. Sign builds using scripts/ from releng git repo

$ ./ -vv --write-all fedora-13 $(cat tosign)
Stop (medium size).png
Run this process from screen
It is strongly suggested that the above procedure be run from screen. Doing so requires a host configured as sigul client. See the sigul client SOP NEED LINK

6. Press yes on bodhi push command. If prompted for a password CTRL+c and start over.


1. Tail the bodhi server log to watch progress on releng2:

$ sudo tail -f /var/log/bodhi/server.log

2. Wait for the bodhi masher report (sent to bodhi-adminmember@fp.o) for success/failure.

Consider Before Running

Pushes often fall over due to tagging issues or unsigned packages. Be prepared to work through the failures and restart pushes from time to time

$ bodhi -P --resume-push
  • FIXME--include a listing common failure cases and how to work around them