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== Travel ==
== Travel ==
Not needed.
200 EUR for Jona travel expenses -

== Finance ==
== Finance ==

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PyCon CZ 2016 is the second PyCon in the Czech Republic, after PyCon_CZ_2015. With Fedora being very Python friendly and with our Fedora Loves Python initiative, we will present Fedora at this conference (via a booth).

When and Where

  • October 28-30 2016
  • Brno, Czech Republic

Booth Personal


Not needed.


200 EUR for Jona travel expenses -


Fedora will only pay tickets for 200 €, rest it covered from other sources.

The funding ticket is:

Suggested Talks and WorkShops

Feel free to add yours!

Name Type (talk/workshop) Owner
If it Moves, Test it Anyway Talk Miro Hrončok
How to build up a Python community and empower women Talk Jona Azizaj


  • tablecloth
  • swag (DVDs, stickers, pins)
  • Fedora Loves Python stickers (ordered more, should come to Brno office 2016-10-22)
  • display (behind a pole)
  • keyboard and mouse
  • a laptop
  • 3D printer maybe?
  • 3D printed: staffs