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Fedora Quality Assurance

Welcome to the Fedora QA project page. Fedora QA is the project which covers all testing of the software that makes up Fedora. It's our goal to continually improve the quality of Fedora releases and updates.


The Quality Assurance project is engaged in the following activities:

  • Testing of software as it is released into Rawhide, updates-testing, or as it appears in a supported public release
  • Testing all updates to critical path packages before they are accepted
  • Acting as a bridge between users and developers that aids in fixing and closing bugs
  • Developing and executing test plans and test cases to test important functionality in a systematic way, usually with multiple cooperating testers
  • Developing and running tools which use automation to find potential bugs
  • Running test days to co-ordinate focused testing on a specific feature or component
  • Working with developers and release engineers to maintain the release criteria, which are used to determine what bugs should be fixed before a pre-release or final release of Fedora is made
  • Managing the release process along with the ReleaseEngineering team, including requesting candidate composes, performing release validation, and managing blocker and freeze exception bugs
  • Working with the the Working Groups to plan testing for the Fedora Products

Pending and completed tasks are listed in Trac and, for tooling, Phabricator.

Get Involved

We're always eager to have new contributors to the QA project, no matter your experience level. If you'd like to get involved with helping to make Fedora better, read the What can I do? page to find out how to join in with QA activities. There are tasks available for every level of expertise and available spare time.

If you'd like to get involved with Fedora but QA doesn't sound like the group for you, think about joining another Fedora project instead.


QA project meetings are held Mondays at 16.00 UTC in the fedora meeting channel on IRC. Everyone is welcome to come along, especially if you're thinking of getting involved with QA and would like to ask some questions first.

General info on QA meetings such as topics for future meetings and records from previous meetings can be found at QA/Meetings.

  • Attend QA IRC meeting on time (if you join the channel at a different time, you'll find another group's meeting)
  • Talk to other QA members on our permanent IRC channel #fedora-qa[?]
  • test is the mailing list for the QA project
  • test-announce is the mailing list for QA project announcements - if you want to stay up-to-date on QA and BugZappers events, subscribe !
  • qa-devel is the mailing list for QA tooling development

If you don't know how to use IRC, please click the question mark which links to a page full of IRC help.