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|Japanese(ja) ||{{result|pass|ja}}||||
|Japanese(ja) ||{{result|pass|ja}}||||
| ||||||
|Assamese (as_IN) ||{{result|pass|as_IN}}||||
| ||||||
| ||||||

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Instruction to run application


This is a translation testing for cracklib package.

How to test

1: Run command passwd

2: Use wrong password, easy password, empty password, special password

3: Check error messages in each password

4: Check the translations & quality of translations

How to file bug

To file a bug against any Fedora package, please follow the instructions here.


Language Result [language code] Bug Comment
Example: abcd (ab_cd)
Fail fail ab_cd
Pass pass ab_cd
RHBZ #12345 This is the comment
Pass pass ja
Assamese (as_IN)
Pass pass as_IN

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