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When are Test Days?

Test Days occur every Thursday between the Alpha and GA milestones of a Fedora release.

For a list of previous and planned test day topics, see the table below:

Date Topic(s)
See F10 schedule and F10 features
2008-08-14 EncryptedBlock Devices and Plymouth
2008-08-21 Postponed (see fedora-test-list)
2008-08-28 BetterPrinting and ApplianceTools
2008-09-04 Save to Bugzilla and Connection Sharing
2008-09-11 Virtual Storage and Virtual Remote installs
2008-09-18 Postponed (see fedora-test-list)
2008-09-25 FirstAidKit and F10 Beta Live Image testing
2008-10-02 Anaconda NetworkManager Config and F10 Beta
2008-10-09 Glitch Free Audio and F10 Beta
2008-10-16 Better LIRC Support and Security Audit
2008-10-23 Snapshot#2 and Install Guide
2008-10-30 F10 Feature Review
2008-11-06 Preview Release Testing
2008-11-13 Preview Release Testing
2008-11-20 Preview Release Testing
2008-11-25 General Availability (GA)