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This page lists global-level goals for the QA project. It was created as an adjunct to a fedora-test-list discussion on the subject in February, 2009.

Increase participation in Rawhide


Provides a huge benefit in terms of identifying issues and having them fixed quickly and early in the cycle.


  1. Adamwill: Work on communication and documentation issues.
  2. Wwoods: Work on producing a tool which simply tests, every day, whether you can a) install Rawhide fresh and b) update from latest stable+updates to Rawhide. This serves two purposes: it both lets you know whether it's worth actually attempting to install Rawhide that day if you wanted to know, and if we track the results over time, it provides an incentive to the developers to improve the reliability of Rawhide.

Make release testing more accessible


Make it easier for more people to become involved with testing, resulting in more testing taking place, and overall better quality for Fedora.


  • Defining what role QA serves in the release process
  • Defining what QA can do during the release process
  • How can the community get involved?
  • Who tests what, when, and how?


  1. Adamwill, Johannbg, Leam: Wiki re-design: the purpose of this is to make it easier for people to get involved and know what we do.

Strengthen the QA tools portfolio


Improve the amount, quality and consistency of testing we are able to do through the use of helpful tools. Also make QA work more attractive to more people by making it easier to do tests and see the results.


  1. Wwoods, Jlaska: aim to have Nitrate available in prototype form by June. Also work on Beaker, which may take longer.