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Joining Fedora Quality Assurance - Critical Path Wranglers

What is critical path?

Critical Path Packages are defined as the set of packages required to perform the most fundamental actions on a Fedora system. More information available here.

What are Quality Assurance Critical Path Wranglers?

The Critical Path Wranglers are a dedicated group of the Fedora Quality Assurance Community who work towards making sure packages in the Critical Path are not broken in Fedora CURRENT_RELEASE+1.

The following steps are imperative to join the QA Critical Path Wranglers:

Step Task Details
1 Sign up for the Fedora Account System. You must have a FAS account before you participate here.
2 Complete the CLA through the Account System. It is compulsory to sign the CLA (contributor licence agreement) for participating in this group.
3 Get involved in the QA community! First step is definitely to get involved. The Quality Assurance team is always looking for eager community members to help contribute towards the over all Quality of the Fedora Project.
4 Create your personal wiki page at The page must contain valid information about who you are, what your are doing, what you will do, what your goals as a QA Community Member are, etc. A homepage template can be found at
5 Pick a Mentor!

FIXME Need some content on how to handle mentors, who current mentors are, etc.

QA FAS Group

Once these steps are complete and your mentor feels you versed enough in the processes and methods of the QA Community, your application for approval to the Critical Path Wranglers will be brought up for review with the current Critical Path Wranglers. Once approved by the Critical Path Wranglers, you will be able to apply for the QA group within FAS.

The QA group within FAS will grant the ability to add karma inside of Bodhi to the Critical Path packages within Fedora CURRENT_RELEASE+1.