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Fedora QA Meeting - December 7 2006, 1700 UTC, #fedora-testing on freenode

See FedoraTesting for more information about Fedora QA.


1. Review from last meeting (["Testing/Meetings/20061116"] ) a. ["QA/HowToTestTemplate"] 1. RHTS status (["QA/Beaker"] ) 1. Official QA group a. Fedora-admin tool adjustments? a. How-to guides 1. Bugzilla status a. New and important bugs from the past week a. Bugzilla RPG 1. Questions, proposals, etc.


If you wish, the raw IRC log can be found at ["QA/Logs/20061207"] .

Review / Test Docs

  • Template for test doc: ["QA/HowToTestTemplate"]

i. Pages for package testing should be named HowToTest/$SRPM, e.g. ["HowToTest/gpg"] i. When we get closer to the next Test release, we should add functional test docs, like ["HowToTest/Xen"] i. Test docs may link to sub-documents for sub-packages, at the author's decision (if you want a separate page for openssh-askpass, that's fine.)

fedora-updates-system and QA

  • lmacken is working hard on the updates-system (["Infrastructure/UpdatesSystem"] )
  • RHTS tests should fire automagically when a new pending update is created.
  • Each pending update should have:

i. link to the HowToTest page for that package. If it's missing, you can write it and win fabulous prizes. Or the thanks of your peers. i. link to RHTS test results If they're missing (no tests available), you can write them and with yet more fabulous prizes i. "love it"/"hate it" buttons for tester feedback i. Link to bugs filed against this package

Bugzilla RPG

  • Gnome stuff:

  • They use logarithms for rankings.
  • Weights for actions: feedback on pending update < new bug < triaging bugs < writing RHTS test < writing test docs
  • Need hooks for counting these items