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  • He Rui (rhe)


Preview Meeting follow-up


  • jlaska will investigate the 5 anaconda F12Beta issues to determine when the failures were introduced


  • jlaska to investigate packaging of for production instance

Packaged thanks to python setuptools. Need to determine whether to incorporate into autoqa now. Wwoods had the suggestion of creating a autoqa/front-ends directory to include this and other "Is <component> broken?" front-ends.

  • jlaska to request autoqa-devel@ for autoqa development discussion and patch review

F-12-Beta RC1 QA strategy

RC ISO images are available and posted to However, we still have 1 unresolved anaconda bug on the blocker list (see RHBZ #526899). Denise informed the group that Dave Lehman was investigating this issue and should have an update this afternoon.

Jlaska noted that Liam and Rui have already started executing to plan for tests that are not specific to the release candidate ISO media (see Test_Results:Fedora_12_Beta_RC1_Install). Once we have confirmation on the final ISO media kit, Liam will announce to fedora-test-list and invite testers to contribute feedback into the wiki.

AutoQA update

Wwoods spent some time last week focusing on the preupgrade F-12-Beta blocking bug (see RHBZ #526208).

Focusing on a clean solution to provide a link to the autotest results on the autoqa-results emails and front-end (see

Wwoods also looking into posting critical path package list to the wiki - currently blocked since JSON doesn't allow edit/create pages. Jlaska provided a link to something mmcgrath shared a while back (see Wwoods noted this handles uploading to the trac instance, not mediawiki.

Jlaska noted he might need guidance from wwoods when it comes to how best to incorporate into the product instance (from a package standpoint). Wwoods noted that the content should correspond to the infrastructure turbogears SOP -

Packagediff update

kparal has implemented a majority of the important rpm checks (see

kparal taking project naming suggestions to replace the current packagediff name (candidates include: 'rpmguard', 'rpmjudge' or 'rpmblame')

Some discussion followed on how best to incorporate kparal's script into autoqa. Wwoods advised that the script should work by itself much like and do in current autoqa. From there, just create a wrapper script to handle the integration with autotest.

How_to_Debug_<component> wiki pages

Viking_Ice started a great discussion around how best to improve the current Category:Debugging content -

A proposed template exists for use as a guide for all future pages (see Template:How_to_debug)

Viking-Ice would like feedback on a naming convention for future pages. Candidates include: "How to debug <component>". or "component <component> problems" or "bug info <component>". Viking-Ice noted that campbecg helped define the different pages as:

 As a reporter, looking at the wiki, I would see a page called "Bug Info ComponentX" and 
 expect a page relating to known bugs on componentx, a page called "ComponentX Problems"
 to be full of known issues related to using componentx, and "How to Debug ComponentX" 
 at a howto about how to actually debug it"

Both gtirloni and jlaska confirmed and agreed that the How to debug <component scheme made the most sense and that changes could be made as needed, but felt there was enough information available to start fleshing out additional pages. Viking-Ice noted he would investigate markmc's Virtualization bug reporting page next.

Open floor - <your topic here>

Upcoming QA events

  • 2009-10-12 - F12 Beta go/no_go meeting (@ 18:00pm - rel-eng meeting)
  • 2009-10-13 - BugZappers/Meetings
  • 2009-10-14 - Beta Project Wide Release Readiness Meeting
  • 2009-10-15 - i18n Test Day

Action items

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