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adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:01
zodbot Meeting started Mon Apr 8 15:01:29 2013 UTC. The chair is adamw. Information about MeetBot at 15:01
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:01
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:01
adamw #topic roll call 15:01
adamw morning folks 15:01
* nirik is lurking. 15:01
* satellit listening 15:01
* kparal cheers 15:01
* mkrizek is here 15:01
* brunowolff is here 15:02
* jskladan tips his hat 15:02
* j_dulaney sets down the banjo 15:03
* tflink is present 15:03
* jreznik is here 15:03
* pschindl is here 15:03
jreznik morning adamw! 15:03
adamw wow, guess i can't sleep through this one huh 15:03
adamw #topic Fedora 19 Alpha status 15:04
adamw so, everybody touch wood, but we're actually looking pretty good 15:05
adamw #info current blocker list: 15:05
* j_dulaney doesn't have any wood around. 15:05
adamw there's only three proposed blockers (which don't look likely to be accepted) and two possible issues in the accepted blockers 15:05
jreznik we were able to figure out initial-setup one in the morning 15:06
adamw right - this is , it was 'fixed' but the fix was incorrect 15:07
adamw we're currently getting the fix corrected 15:07
jreznik it has to be verified now 15:07
adamw then there's , it looks like some progress has been made there 15:07
jreznik we have at least a clue and also - it was moved from F15 beta blocker to NTH that time and we have several workarounds... 15:08
jreznik I'm not sure how to fix properly... the second option should be doable 15:08
adamw yeah, we can re-discuss it at the blocker meeting and see if we want to drop blocker status 15:09
adamw #info 929403 and 928279 are known to be 'outstanding' blockers 15:09
adamw dgilmore is out today unfortunately so we may have to wait till tomorrow for a compose 15:09
adamw #info dgilmore is out today, may not be able to get next compose until tomorrow 15:10
* jreznik is not sure pbabinca would be able to create compose, could ask (in case we would need it) 15:10
adamw nirik is usually the backup 15:11
* nirik could try if need be 15:11
brunowolff It's not good that only one person is trusted (in the knows what to do sense) to do composes. 15:11
jreznik adamw: yep I know, the idea is that palo could help us in out timezone too (to make the process faster when needed) 15:11
* nirik has access and can do them 15:11
adamw ah 15:11
adamw so, looking at test coverage, we're not looking too bad 15:11
adamw we could do with testing some USB installs to bare metal, and UEFI too 15:12
* j_dulaney will work on the USB 15:13
* satellit need someone else to try bare metal USB install and confirm what I saw 15:13
adamw yeah, i suspect that'll be just your system' 15:13
adamw well, I had issues with a dd'ed usb stick the only time i tried now i come to think of it, so maybe not. but litd worked okay. 15:13
* satellit always worked before 15:14
adamw okay 15:14
* j_dulaney had no problem the last time he tested dd live to USB 15:14
adamw we only need either dd or litd to work at alpha though, so even if dd is busted it's not a disaster. but it'd be good to check 15:14
* j_dulaney is dding even now 15:15
adamw it doesn't look like we need karma for any of the testing fixes except (which should probably go along with a systemd build) and (we're waiting for a compose to test that one) 15:15
adamw i suppose we really should get a compose done with libreport in it to make sure that fix works... 15:15
adamw #info karma needed for and 15:15
* satellit did netinstall of cinnamon 1 hr ago saw initial-setup on reboot 15:16
jreznik satellit: but with improper fix 15:16
jreznik (actually I'd argue it wasn't as bad as 3/4 of services are still using the F17 way...) 15:17
adamw jreznik: well the biggest problem was that it didn't conditionalize the service enablement to happen only on first install 15:17
jreznik also I should ask FPC to make the new "enabled by default" way more visible in the guidelines 15:17
adamw but anyhoo. 15:17
jreznik adamw: it's just a bad time for initial setup handover to vratislav, especially as it's a completely new software... :( 15:18
adamw jreznik: can you ask vpodzime to edit the new systemd build into the initial-setup update? 15:19
adamw so, add systemd-200-4.fc19 to 15:20
jreznik adamw: sure, I was thinking about it but guys were faster than me 15:20
adamw =) 15:20
adamw okay 15:20
adamw does anyone have anything else on 19 Alpha? any significant issues we're not considering? 15:20
jreznik hmm, he already left 15:21
jreznik adamw: do you have rights to do it in bodhi? actually I think I could do it too... 15:22
adamw i don't have superpowers in bodhi, but nirik could if need be 15:22
* nirik nods. just let me know what you need. 15:22
nirik I'm doing a f19-updates-testing push right now, can edit after that 15:23
jreznik for Alpha - Go/No-Go is currently scheduled on Apr 11 17:00 UTC (about to send reminder), Readiness meeting on the same day, two hours later - 19:00 UTC 15:23
jreznik nirik: thanks 15:23
adamw #info go/no-go is scheduled for Thursday at 17:00 UTC 15:24
adamw #topic Test Days 15:24
adamw looks like we're short a martix 15:24
adamw #info and both went ahead last week, some decent involvement in the printing test day 15:25
adamw and good lord, i need to design some sort of autocannon system for people who write essays in the margin notes 15:25
kparal I'm building LiveCDs for this week's test day 15:25
* j_dulaney tried with openstack; it kept borking, so gave up 15:26
adamw did you report how it borked? 15:27
* j_dulaney did 15:29
adamw yay! 15:29
adamw then all went according to plan. 15:29
adamw #info is coming up on Thursday, kparal is preparing live images 15:30
adamw #chair jreznik kparal 15:30
zodbot Current chairs: adamw jreznik kparal 15:30
adamw the test day page is in order, l10n/i18n folks have their own setup 15:30
adamw anything else on test days? 15:32
adamw i guess not! 15:34
adamw #topic open floor 15:34
adamw that's all we have for the agenda 15:34
adamw anything else t odiscuss? 15:34
j_dulaney .bacon 15:35
zodbot I love bacon, you love bacon, WE ALL LOVE BACON!! (except for NiveusLuna, who was tragically attacked by bacon as a child.) 15:35
kparal spam 'n' eggs? 15:36
tflink blocker review meeting @ 16:00 UTC 15:36
adamw #info there is general approval of bacon 15:36
tflink -1 15:36
adamw yeah, we're following up with a blocker review meeting in #fedora-blocker-review 15:36
adamw .fire tflink 15:36
zodbot adamw fires tflink 15:36
adamw #info tflink was fired for disapproving of bacon 15:36
* tflink will never understand the obsession with bacon 15:36
j_dulaney Bacon == life 15:37
tflink the last time I ate bacon, I was sick for the rest of the day 15:37
tflink oh well, to each their own 15:38
misc tflink: your lack of faith in bacon is disturbing 15:38
* jreznik is getting hungry! 15:38
tflink misc: more disturbing than bacon flavored for the potty-mouthed bacon lover ( 15:39
tflink bacon flavored soap 15:39
adamw alrighty, let's give everyone 20 minutes to go and eat some bacon 15:39
adamw then we re-convene in #fedora-blocker-review to blow through the blocker list 15:40
j_dulaney .moar bacon adamw 15:40
zodbot here adamw, have some more bacon 15:40
adamw thanks for coming, folks 15:40
adamw #endmeeting 15:40

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